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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time for some prose, about Epiphany Suit

I owe it to myself, and to my readers :-) to explain more about my thoughts for the Web_2.0» applicability to an "Epiphany Suit", with current technology. As I love seeing examples, here goes...

My current focus is on using the Browser as the lenses of the suit, and as a means of doing on-the-fly research on topics as they come up. 

  1. Having and maintaining a personal knowledge base (KB) may be appropriate. In a sense, always doing dynamic researches will yield the most current knowledge on a subject, but a drawback is that research takes time, and we may not always want to re-research topics that have already been researched. We can choose when to re-research a topic, but instead having a personal knowledge base, to refer to, can be a time saver. Personally, I use My System» of Tagging»that involves creation of an entry in my personal knowledge base, that gives an overview of the tag/topic, links to sites, etc.  A personal Wikipedia, if you will. This KB (personal Wikipedia) allows me to personalize tags/topics, in ways that make them understandable to me. This system does not exclude use of folksonomy bookmarking (e.g. del.icio.us, ma.gnolia), and in fact, has the effect of enhancing those bookmarks. I call my KB A-List. Here it is:
  2. Another method that I am using, is customzing my Flock browser with any number of Addons/Extensions», and customizing the toolbars. For example:

Anyone have any other suggested means of populating or implementing an Epiphany suit?

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