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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enhance your Google Search with CustomizeGoogle, Feedly and SearchCloudlet

Notice, in this image, three sections, that occur before the actual results of the Google search...
  • The first section, "Try your search on" is from an add-on called CustomizeGoogle*.
  • The second, "Explore Feedly for...", is from an add-on called Feedly.
  • The third section, "Cloudlet..." is from an add-on called SearchCloudlet.
* The specific Preference is called "Add links to other web search sites", for Google Web Search, and "Add links to other image/photo/art search sites" for Google Images. And similar things for Google News, Video, and Blogs.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

TIP: Drag a webpage's URL from Location bar, or from a tab, within a browser or amongst browsers

You can click on the icon of a webpage that you are visting, to another browser, or open it in a new tab by dragging it to the Tab area.

This works within* a browser, and amongst** browsers! Moreover, you can also drag them amongst browsers, e.g. Firefox, Flock, Safari, SeaMonkey Navigator, and even IE (Internet Explorer) - but, not Opera.



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