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Thursday, July 31, 2008

twistori - an ongoing social experiment based on twitter

twistori (e.g. twistori.com/#i_feel) - this is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine and drawing data from summize, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.

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30dc chat log - July 31, 2008

 06:27 LydJoyS : lol
 06:27 VinceSamios : Snow ball mic is really good! Highly recommended
 06:27 GordYoung : Some recycle...some bi cycle
 06:28 NicoPIsani : anybody need help with video
 06:28 PhillMason : Thanks singlehanded
 06:28 matzivel : LOL
 06:28 NathanUK : dont take your Segway to Liverpool!!!!!
 06:28 AllisonR : nice Gord!
 06:28 NicoPIsani : twitter me
 06:28 PhillMason : Google reader - superb - thanks for that ED!
 06:28 jbrian50 : abogadoradio-1 and Pamiamm my email is jbrian50@gmail.com
 06:28 Hackbridge : Anyone in West Midlands UK
 06:28 LydJoyS : flock me till i twitter...lol
 06:28 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:28  * harmonicbarbie claps for Gord's wit ;-)
 06:28 Globotang : Is the snowball plugged directly into Ed's iMac?
 06:28 susyrip : Would any of the iphone apps work on the LG Dare?
 06:28 AyJay : lol lydjoys
 06:28 SteveH2008 : hendry IS doing an amazing job
 06:28 dj801 : www.ustream.tv/channel/dj-801-streams
 06:28 dj801 : www.ustream.tv/channel/dj-801-streams
 06:28 gbradley : How'd you find iChat buddies?
 06:28 Tolstoy62 : hackbridge_ I am in London
 06:28 RoyRodgers : anyone else in Brazil - RoyRodgers on twitter
 06:28 timbrennan : Anyone else on the 1:05 Euston to Manchester train tommorow?
 06:29 harmonicbarbie : ah, our first spammer of the night - lol
 06:29 erich13 : What is, assuming there is,  the RSS feed of the transcripts?
 06:29 LydJoyS : I got an Iphone because of 30dc
 06:29 matchbox2120 : @Susyrip VERY doubtful... apple is very 'me me me' not compatable with most others
 06:29 VinceSamios : The manchester meetup is going to be huuuuge!
 06:29 Toranika : @Tolstoy - where abouts in London? I'm in Ealing!
 06:29 Tolstoy62 : timbrennan-do you need a teammate
 06:29 GordYoung : Not the first Barbie
 06:29 SherylLoch : get em
 06:29 EdShaz : @DJ801 you just got seen by Ustream CEO
 06:29 Hackbridge : @Tolstoy62 - I'm in Wolverhampton now.
 06:29 susyrip : :(
 06:29 andrewnez : we want photos and video Vince
 06:29 Underwood : "All about the backlinks."
 06:29 NathanUK : Im going to see Wall-E im Manchester tomorrow
 06:29 abogadoradio-1 : I got a Mac and a Prius because of the 30DC
 06:29 harmonicbarbie : Gord - darn, did i miss one? lol
 06:29 Tolstoy62 : I am near highbury-but closer to dalston
 06:29 NathanUK : what time is the met up
 06:29 Toranika : Cool.
 06:29 switchover : dalston kingsland station smells
 06:29 Ciberempr-1 : I am sorry. I am late. Will this chat be available later?
 06:30 Toranika : Don't tell me, you're a Gooner? :-p
 06:30 ryanpiccolo : yeah i need to build up backlinks for my site
 06:30 dylanishappy : It's August 1st here in Bangkok :)
 06:30 Reyman : http://friendfeed.com/rooms/thirty-day-challenge-florida
 06:30 HendryLee : @erich13: you follow my FriendFeed if you want RSS feed :)
 06:30 HendryLee : hey... i'm in Indonesia heheh
 06:30 LydJoyS : I dont think the chat is Cib
 06:30 Underwood : @matchbox - How about, the first person to win the challenge gets to rename the group?
 06:30 Carosmile : Sorry  if I missed the spammer - I keep on getting PM'd - please instead direct questions to: Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:30 timbrennan : my team is full - good to see ya tommorrow
 06:30 NathanUK : wow i wasnt listening ed, can you repeat that
 06:30 marilee35 : Anyone near Cool, CA
 06:30 Rhia-1 : Join Team Georgia http://friendfeed.com/rooms/georgia-team
 06:30 Tolstoy62 : my codolences
 06:30 diogene1 : Thanks Ed .. you have answered my question .. re local markets ..
 06:30 gbradley : Cool, CA....
 06:30 TacCramatie : What Small Real Estate Firms
 06:30 apoermandya : Any #30DC member from Indonesia ?
 06:30 matchbox2120 : @ Underwood, do you mean as in the team name?
 06:30 Underwood : Anyone that sticks with it can join a "winners" or "stick-with-it-ers" group with that name.
 06:30 LydJoyS : I still need a team/...  :(
 06:30 realmountainman : Night all! tme for bed in manchester
 06:30 marilee35 : u got it
 06:31 scole : Separate recording. :)
 06:31 Underwood : yep
 06:31 erich13 : I'm in Rocklin, CA (is that near Cool?)
 06:31 MichelleMacP : @marilee I'm in Garden Valley, drive through Cool all the time
 06:31 ryanpiccolo : i don't have a team either
 06:31 NathanUK : i cant sleep in manchester,m too rainy
 06:31 Underwood : nite mountain
 06:31 ryanpiccolo : i just joined tonight
 06:31 gbradley : Benicia, CA
 06:31 WendyMerritt : Where do I find out about the Dallas Meet up?
 06:31 LydJoyS : Ryan I am Lydopinions on 30dc
 06:31 matchbox2120 : If thats how they want it to work, i dont care what our team name is really lol i liked the "Titan" idea
 06:31 marilee35 : Cool's just outside of Auburn
 06:31 harmonicbarbie : there's a town in CA called "Cool"? love it
 06:31 vk1002 : I'll be on a team with you Lydjoy
 06:31 SNAZ_7_0 : I've never recieved any emails
 06:31 erich13 : Oh, Cool. Near Alta too?
 06:31 jeremynet : apoermandya: twitter acc?
 06:31 LydJoyS : ok cool vk.... thanks
 06:31 Underwood : Yeah, I'm not real worried about the team name.
 06:31 CrazyFretz : @LydJoyS my team has space
 06:32 realmountainman : See you all tomorrow in mancs
 06:32 Underwood : So long as we're making money.
 06:32 gbradley : lived in CA all my life and still looking for "cool"
 06:32 Tolstoy62 : dont tell me you are a spurs fan
 06:32 LydJoyS : vk... I am lydopinions on the boards
 06:32 kaicyee : Anyone doing the 30DC in Washington DC?
 06:32 NathanUK : Ed Dale theres a place near my called EDale!!!!!!!!!!!
 06:32 jeremynet : anyone from South East Asia?
 06:32 LydJoyS : ok crazy thanks
 06:32 AliDragon : Snaz don't worry you will get emails:)
 06:32 washwords : @kaicyee: me!
 06:32 Toranika : Nah, Hayes and Yeading, lol.
 06:32 lisamariemary : vk and Lyd - I need a team too
 06:32 MichelleMacP : Auburn Lake Trails?
 06:32 matchbox2120 : Yup, if not making money.. atleast learning.... i just figured a team name would help pick eachother out of big groups like this
 06:32 jkwells1 : Trying this again, Representing Crescent Mills 95934
 06:32 apoermandya : @jeremyynet my twitter is apoermandya, can't  you guess ??
 06:32 LydJoyS : ok lisa marie
 06:32 webmack : Cool's right down the road from <censored>
 06:32 Pamiamm : LA & OC if you want to join our team  tweet me http://Twitter.com/PamRagland
 06:32 abogadoradio-1 : Anyone here experienced in Venture Capital?
 06:32 marilee35 : no, Catecroft Lane
 06:32 scole : 42?? lol.. I thought it was the Thirty Day Challenge! :)
 06:32 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:32 JuneM2 : FriendFeed
 06:32 lisamariemary : I'll look for ya'll on the forums
 06:32 Toranika : And Brentford.
 06:32 jhooker : got here late will this be available to watch later
 06:33 MizzCindy : Operator error, that never happens to me! ;-)
 06:33 harmonicbarbie : lol scole
 06:33 MrRess : <- has the coolest team name
 06:33 NathanUK : How come eds kids arent screaming
 06:33 LydJoyS : Lisamarie what is ur name on the boards?
 06:33 Tolstoy62 : I will twitter you tomorrow
 06:33 marilee35 : on a team yet Michelle?
 06:33 Adrian_Reeve : user.exe again
 06:33 MichelleMacP : @ Marilee I've never met anyone who lives in Cool who doesn't live in ALT, LOL - nice to meetcha
 06:33 Meg_Meyer : cool
 06:33 Underwood : True, match.  We'll get it sorted as we go.
 06:33 Toranika : Coolies :-)
 06:33 lisamariemary : lisamariemary ;)
 06:33  * lisahartwell is starting to flag
 06:33 jkwells1 : (Jhooker) This is not being recorded
 06:33 gt005500 : i keep getting booted off...stuoud computer
 06:33  * AllisonR raises Lisa's flag
 06:33 matchbox2120 : Yeah... the only issue i have at the moment... is it doesnt seem like the communication for the WHOLE team is as good as it should be
 06:33 gt005500 : stupid**
 06:33 jeremynet : someone from south east asia? add me .. in twitter: jeremynet
 06:34 LydJoyS : lol
 06:34 Rhia-1 : erich13 you in a team?
 06:34 SingleHanded : LOL at AllisonR
 06:34 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:34 lisamariemary : and on Twitter and on FriendFeed
 06:34  * harmonicbarbie props Lisa up to stop her from flagging
 06:34 erich13 : no, I do not have a team yet
 06:34 phirst1 : Portland People http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/938945
 06:34 SingleHanded : Quick Lisa....More Coffeee!
 06:34 VivianAldana : Join South Carolina PowerTeam: http://twitter.com/VivianAldana
 06:34 marilee35 : lol...too many rules
 06:34 Underwood : Yeah, could be a little more interactive.  Maybe I'll do a post where everyone introduces themselves.
 06:34  * lisahartwell is grateful for the help from Allison and Barbb. Her flag is rising
 06:34 gt005500 : no friends on twitter yet....add me vg005500
 06:34 BSAwards : If anyone is just looking for networking partners during the 30DC, friendfeed bsawards or twitter <censored>
 06:34 marilee35 : interested in a team?
 06:35 MichelleMacP : @marilee @ me on Twitter (michellem)
 06:35 gt005500 : have you been drinking ed?
 06:35 erich13 : My twitter name is erich13,
 06:35 LydJoyS : ok Lisamarie I will join u on twitter
 06:35 jkwells1 : How about a FAQ? Any one want to volunteer?
 06:35 matchbox2120 : lol
 06:35 Reyman : lol
 06:35  * deepee62 waves the white flag
 06:35 VivianAldana : Join PowerTeam South Carolina:  http://twitter.com/VivianAldana
 06:35 tknoppe : LOL
 06:35 AllisonR : lol!
 06:35 lisamariemary : Great
 06:35 erich13 : sure,  twitter me
 06:35 matchbox2120 : I HAVE ADD!!
 06:35 AliDragon : Lisa have you purchased a crate of Red Bull?
 06:35 matchbox2120 : ADHD actually
 06:35 gt005500 : will do
 06:35 andrewnez : I have ADD
 06:35 NicoPIsani : Are you focusing on Web 2.0 Platforms?
 06:35 switchover : i have add
 06:35 lisahartwell : Ugh! Red Bull is evil
 06:35 switchover : that was my question
 06:35 lwross : a.d.d???  Just ask J-MO
 06:35 MarkAzevedo-2294 : seriosly?! 8 millionaires?!?!
 06:35 MikeMurphy : Who are the 8?
 06:35 matchbox2120 : damn we shoudl have made an ADD/ADHD team LOL!
 06:35 Underwood : 8 millionaires in 3 years of challenges.
 06:35 lisamariemary : I love Red Bull!!
 06:35 andrewnez : And Jmo invented ADD
 06:35 switchover : yes
 06:35 washwords : i think we all do, don't we?
 06:35 switchover : maybe
 06:35 mlcb : ADD here also
 06:35 AyJay : ADD here too.  Too bad about the hair thing though.
 06:35 lisamariemary : heehee
 06:35 switchover : ADD TEAM!
 06:36 Underwood : *Nice.*
 06:36 PeregrineNeel : ADD here too  
 06:36 AllisonR : I have AWESOMENESS
 06:36 harmonicbarbie : lol matchbox
 06:36 washwords : ooooh eight, eight millionaires
 06:36 matchbox2120 : Lol i think the ADD team would be too big!
 06:36 ratdaddee : i'm a millionaire with ADD
 06:36 Toranika : I prefer Relentless to Red Bull.
 06:36 AyJay : what was the topic again?
 06:36 lisamariemary : I have AWESOME ADD!  hahaha!
 06:36 MizzCindy : I'd like to be a member of the 30DC Millionaire's Club
 06:36 AliDragon : Lisa i know but it does keep you going into the small hours just don't over do the vodka!
 06:36 mfartr_com : matchbox we could create a 30DC ADD support network
 06:36 SingleHanded : Hands Lisa a Short Black Coffee
 06:36 SteveH2008 : Allison - you embody awesomeness
 06:36 washwords : me too mizz C
 06:36 VivianAldana : Join PowerTeam South Carolina: http://twitter.com/VivianAldana
 06:36 Underwood : I really want to know what the typical fees are for consulting services in this area.
 06:36 wyldeye : 30DC billionaire
 06:36 matchbox2120 : I have attention deficate dis... oo pretty butterfly
 06:36 EmbraceLife : adhd
 06:36 lisahartwell : Thanks singlehanded
 06:36 matzivel : Yes I can c that
 06:36 gt005500 : i'll be a millionaire soon
 06:36 AllisonR : Thanks Steve!
 06:36 BizMoi : Want to join a Michigan Team?  tweet http://twitter.com/Moira_Anne
 06:36 harmonicbarbie : isn't ADD a prerequisite to the 30DC? - lol
 06:36 Underwood : Any ideas on where to find this info?
 06:36 williamspd : Thanks Ed!
 06:36 PurpleHeart : How do you spell ADD?
 06:37 lisamariemary : LOL matchbox!
 06:37 darenet :  hey ed
 06:37 jmkane : matchboc fun-e
 06:37 NathanUK : whats a millionaire?
 06:37 SteveH2008 : Stephen wants to be the youngest millionaire
 06:37 Pamiamm : LOL on the ADD... multi taskers extraordinaire
 06:37 switchover : teabreak????????????????
 06:37 EmbraceLife : add / adhd = smart folks!!!
 06:37 LydJoyS : hi ed
 06:37 washwords : what if you missed a lot of preseason
 06:37 EcuaChica : Thanks Ed.
 06:37 matchbox2120 : ,000,000$ = millionare
 06:37 NathanUK : lol
 06:37 lisamariemary : Agreed Embrace!
 06:37 MrRess : If I'm self-employed a year from now, I'll get a 30DC tatoo
 06:37 NathanUK : oh
 06:37 SNAZ_7_0 : is this archived?
 06:37 Underwood : Hey wash, good to see you.
 06:37 SingleHanded : Brissy Meet-up was cool
 06:37 adepalma : what was the US session times again?
 06:37 matchbox2120 : ,000,000*
 06:37 john1245 : Thanks ED
 06:37 jmkane : preseason is still there to view
 06:37 matchbox2120 : why wont my 1 work?
 06:37 Pamiamm : MrRess Nice to see you
 06:37 switchover : it's 2.37am :D
 06:37 Underwood : Weekends will be great catch-up time.
 06:37 burnsrunner : is it important to add ppl to my twitter?
 06:37 gt005500 : thanks ed and team
 06:37 knewf : well I missed half of this becuase my cabel modem gave out but it's been great
 06:37 switchover : night dan!!!!
 06:37 jkwells1 : Ed, Met you at Frank's MC Meeting. Looking forward to the rest of the month!
 06:37 NathanUK : ANY NICHE IDEAS?????????????
 06:37 SingleHanded : Nighty Night Dan! :)
 06:37 lisahartwell : Night Dan (for the 1st time)
 06:37 jmmoore321 : Join a small LDS team, tweet me http://twitter.com/jmmoore321
 06:37 lisamariemary : Yes, burnsrunner
 06:37 scole : Good night Dan!
 06:37 knewf : gnight
 06:38 SteveH2008 : big thanks Ed! and rest of team
 06:38 williamspd : Thanks guys & gals
 06:38 switchover : sleep tight!
 06:38 tiggsy : night dan
 06:38 Adrian_Reeve : @burnsrunner: its more important that ppl follow you
 06:38 matchbox2120 : Gnight dan! and THANX!
 06:38 MizzCindy : Nighty Nite - Sleep tight!
 06:38 Flyp : insect collections?
 06:38 philoscribe-1 : Can't believe it's a year since the last TDC. Our team is still going strong. They are all brilliant.
 06:38 switchover : hope the bed bugs do not bite
 06:38 jazili : thanks dan...
 06:38 nextdaycopy : thanks Andrew!
 06:38 KimParsley : Thanks Ed and TEAM!!
 06:38 Meg_Meyer : Good show Ed & Everyone!
 06:38 mrinkjet : Thanks to Nez for the Brisbane meeting!
 06:38 Meg_Meyer : Thanks!
 06:38 wyldeye : thanks ED!
 06:38 jmkane : corn removers
 06:38 MarkF : Yeah ADD/ADHD people consider "normal" people "thought challenged" :)
 06:38 burnsrunner : any ideas on who to add?
 06:38 adepalma : WE are very grateful thakyou
 06:38 lisamariemary : Ed - you ROCK!  Thank you!!
 06:38 Globotang : Thanks Dan! Nighty night.
 06:38 switchover : THANKS ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 06:38 Carosmile : Thanks Ed - this is SO exciting! :-)
 06:38 Underwood : Yeah, the niche ideas aren't as difficult as they're made out to be.
 06:38 NathanUK : wow thanks for saying my name ed :)
 06:38 Adrian_Reeve : snokwball mics
 06:38 mrinkjet : Thanks ED!
 06:38 LeighaB : see you tomorrow Ed
 06:38 Reyman : At what time will the trainings be broadcast
 06:38 KellyMullaney : Thanks, Ed!!
 06:38 philoscribe-1 : Looking forward to meeting people in Manchester tomorrow!!
 06:38 mfartr_com : @markf lol
 06:38 jmkane : Thanks Ed and gang!
 06:38 incomehero : ah.. this show sucked
 06:38 CynthiaKasper : USA Ladies--G'Night!
 06:38 reannakay : bye ed
 06:38 jhooker : Thanks Ed!
 06:38 CoronadoCookie : thanks Ed and all the team! This is going to be great!!!
 06:38 SNAZ_7_0 : Thanks All!!
 06:38 philoscribe-1 : Thanks Ed
 06:38 nextdaycopy : thanks Ed!
 06:38 Jambag : First Tuesday Edinburgh? Time to restart?  Tell the forums
 06:38 ffarang : cold morn here in melbs
 06:38 matchbox2120 : Se ya later ed!
 06:38 tiggsy : and yourself ed
 06:38 LydJoyS : inc... then dont come... :)
 06:38 tiggsy : thanks for a fun show
 06:38 PhillMason : Great Opening Show Ed - Thanks
 06:39 wyldeye : lol
 06:39 JimDe-1 : Thanks, Ed!!
 06:39 adsenseaddict : ciao
 06:39 incomehero : will do
 06:39 AyJay : thanks a lot!
 06:39 washwords : yaya ed!
 06:39 NathanUK : nooooooooooooooo ed is gone
 06:39 DanRaine : Great show... and tomorrow is going to rock
 06:39 matchbox2120 : this is where he forgets to turn it off and picks his nose
 06:39 JDClement : Great job ED
 06:39 CrazyFretz : i believe thats what we call in the film industry - a wrap
 06:39 switchover : AHAHAHAHA
 06:39 ShariLeee : Thanks, Ed, that was wonderful!
 06:39 CoronadoCookie : Watch for the San Diego Meetup
 06:39 Carosmile : See you everyone - I have to dash. HUGE hug to you all :-)
 06:39 wyldeye : guitar outro
 06:39 washwords : bye ed
 06:39 tiggsy : g'night /g'morning all
 06:39 LeighaB : Really good show, really good show
 06:39 aliveonline : see ya
 06:39 PhillMason : Cheers Dan, hopefully catch you tomorrow :)
 06:39 DanRaine : Night Caro
 06:39 bpen : g'nite Ed
 06:39 spiritcoach : sorry I missed it! : )
 06:39 jmkane : Yeah Phil!
 06:39 aDB_ : so it starts aug 2nd? lols
 06:39 bluerock47 : I think I need a twitter account
 06:39 kennybarrow : Want to join a Columbus Ohio team tweet me at http://www.twitter.com/kennethbarrow
 06:39 KellyMullaney : abogadoradio-1, tienes una cuenta en twitter?
 06:39 tiggsy : oh phill, awesome song, thanks for that
 06:39 derrick0408 : Thanks Ed!
 06:39 KarenKramer : Goodnight Johnboy
 06:39 DanRaine : Lisa... Recycle
 06:39 Reyman :  At what time will the trainings be broadcast
 06:39 PhillMason : Thanks Ed
 06:39 adsenseaddict : any Dylan?
 06:39 philoscribe-1 : Will Phil sing to us tomorrow??
 06:39 Carosmile : Morning Dan :-) I'm on ichat if you need anything :-)
 06:39 DanRaine : Looking forward to tomorrow Phil
 06:39 washwords : wonders if ed  knows he's still on?
 06:39 AliDragon : don't forget the recycling
 06:39 thirdager : Thanks Ed-see ya tomorrow
 06:39 matzivel : thank you for all your time and info
 06:39 switchover : layla!
 06:39 jmkane : Any Milwaukee/Chicago
 06:39 michelletrent : Bye Ed
 06:39 switchover : got me on my knees!
 06:39 andrewnez : In the words of Big Kev,... I'm Excited!
 06:39 gbradley : will this be available as a recording?
 06:39 AliDragon : bye all
 06:39 gt005500 : i have a twitter account...just don't know how to use it yet
 06:39 MichelleMacP : Wood!
 06:39 gt005500 : night ed
 06:40 michelletrent : Night
 06:40 nextdaycopy : washwords --mostlikely
 06:40 spiritcoach : nite nite
 06:40 mfartr_com : night
 06:40 MikeMurphy : Leeeeeeeee-saaaaahhhhh....it won't take itself out!
 06:40 switchover : night!
 06:40 adsenseaddict : night jim bob
 06:40 Underwood : LAYLA
 06:40 matzivel : nite
 06:40 Reyman : night
 06:40 gt005500 : lol
 06:40 DanRaine : Yes the first part of the show will be available as a recording
 06:40 switchover : me too!
 06:40 CoronadoCookie : night all
 06:40 adsenseaddict : night sue ellen
 06:40 DanRaine : lol
 06:40 switchover : LAYLA
 06:40 SNAZ_7_0 : nite
 06:40 Toranika : Sleep well and wake, Ed and Dan.
 06:40 DanRaine : Wifi - Manchester lol
 06:40 PhillMason : Night Ed
 06:40 wyldeye : stairway
 06:40 Tom1201 : night Johnboy
 06:40 adsenseaddict : night bob bob
 06:40 tiggsy : night
 06:40 Jambag : Live UK broadcast go go go
 06:40 Zona0x : adios
 06:40 Tolstoy62 :   Cheers Ed
 06:40 ohnofreakout : g'night ed
 06:40 DanRaine : We would probably get arrested anyway
 06:40 switchover : come on uk
 06:40 PhillMason : Night Jimbob
 06:40 erich13 : See y'all tomorrow at 9AM US/Eastern.
 06:40 blackunicorn : LisaHartwell take out your recycling!
 06:40 SingleHanded : More Wood!
 06:40 SingleHanded : LOL
 06:40 matchbox2120 : *Sings a lullaby*
 06:40 yyasmine : Good Night Dan and THANKS!!!!!
 06:40 AllisonR : http://twurl.to/38 <-- bookmark that for 6pm EDT
 06:40 mattwalker : Get the Mancs going
 06:40 nextdaycopy : what time will the manchester meetup be at ?
 06:40 gt005500 : what time is the show tomorrow?
 06:40 LydJoyS : It's crazy to see the numbers drop...lol
 06:40 gt005500 : 8pm?
 06:41 Michellef : have a great day/night all
 06:41 DanRaine : Meetup starts at 3:30
 06:41 Toranika : Lisa - recycling!
 06:41 derrick0408 : Is Ed coming back to do an encore?
 06:41 seconds8 : is the next meeting at 8pm tomorrow
 06:41 matzivel : Good nite every one
 06:41 Underwood : More Cowbell
 06:41 ready2act : oh, is it finished for today
 06:41 DanRaine : i.e. Manchester meetup
 06:41 matchbox2120 : Underwood - Sent you a message on facebook
 06:41 wyldeye : guitar magic on the way
 06:41 washwords : 9  a.m. EST is lesson?
 06:41 wbthom : Looking forward to vids from the Manchester meet Dan!
 06:41 DanRaine : yes
 06:41 washwords : for us peeps
 06:41 JimDe-1 : Yeh, at 9AM EDT
 06:41 adsenseaddict : nice wall
 06:41 blackunicorn : G'night folks!
 06:41 KarenKramer : Ed you need to turn offyou mike..We can hear you...
 06:41 LydJoyS : Hi Dan the man
 06:41 jazili : Ed live "Voice"
 06:41 switchover : what time is that in real time
 06:41 washwords : gracias
 06:41 DanRaine : Hi
 06:41 lisahartwell : Still here but my chat froze for ages
 06:41 nextdaycopy : if you do a live broadcast, manchester folks, where could I see it?
 06:41 washwords : ha ha sorry switch
 06:41 mattwalker : Good one Dan. It's my birthday. Bit pissed
 06:41 adsenseaddict : no snorting this time
 06:41 wyldeye : ha
 06:41 LydJoyS : Yeah same here lisa
 06:41 drivedoctor : good night john boy
 06:41 lisamariemary : Mine froze, too!
 06:41 jmmoore321-1 : washwords, do you post on the dave ramsey forum? I think i recognize your name
 06:41 DanRaine : If we do a live broadcast it will be on here
 06:41 washwords : lisa: recycling!
 06:41 MizzCindy : Lisa - don't forget recycling!
 06:41 LydJoyS : :)
 06:42 harmonicbarbie : yup, mine froze too
 06:42 CrazyFretz : stick around to see Ed Dale dance to pendulum
 06:42 wyldeye : new amp
 06:42 nextdaycopy : thx Dan
 06:42 switchover : gordon ramsay?
 06:42 midnightrambler-1 : my screen froze
 06:42 midnightrambler-1 : is it over
 06:42 SingleHanded : Lisa: mine did too had to refreshhhhhhh :)
 06:42 Toranika : Well folks, I need to head on off to sleep. I hope you all have a good 24. Sleep well and wake!
 06:42 nextdaycopy : midnightrambler yes
 06:42 bigrac : wondering if Ed was wearing an Arsenal top earlier jst to wind up the Manchester boys?
 06:42 washwords : @jmmoore i don't think so?
 06:42 MizzCindy : Just froze up. Had to completely start over.
 06:42 midnightrambler-1 : I couldn't refresh
 06:42 washwords : so... prob. not?
 06:42 AllisonR : woot want to see that manchester live action.... i thought it would be on the TV news tho lol
 06:42 lisahartwell : verything seems to freeze when he changes screen view
 06:42 jmmoore321-1 : lol ok must be someone else
 06:42 VinceSamios : - 30DC Manchester Meetup Info - Its tomorrow! http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1950/
 06:42 VinceSamios : Be there - will be awesome
 06:42 DanRaine : Thanks vince
 06:42 matchbox2120 : Marco
 06:42 mattwalker : Dan. Will you be sober?
 06:42 VinceSamios : Thanks Dan!
 06:42 hughfr : did I miss it i crashed again
 06:42 CraigEubanks : Kickoff Party in San Francisco Friday 6pm http://tinyurl.com/sf-meetupSales letter I wrote for a client released this week converting at 27.3%.  Thank you John Carlton for teaching me how to write copy.Come to San Francisco 30DC Meetup tomorrow.  http://tinyurl.com/sf-meetup
 06:42 LydJoyS : I didnt catch most of what hhe said tonight... oh well.. :(
 06:42 wyldeye : here we go!
 06:42 midnightrambler-1 : is this still on
 06:43 lisahartwell : Have a great time in Manchester tomorrow guys
 06:43 midnightrambler-1 : I just hear audio
 06:43 Rhia : @Erich13 ... skype me Rhiannonn24 for Team Georgia :)
 06:43 gt005500 : lyd i missed the first half
 06:43 MizzCindy : 27.2% NICE
 06:43 wyldeye : this is the best part
 06:43 JDClement : ED your mic is still open
 06:43 SingleHanded : Annie: Still there?
 06:43 RexEveryhting : I froze... it ended while I was frozen?
 06:43 gt005500 : lol
 06:43 newvista : what's happin' now?
 06:43 MizzCindy : sorry - .3
 06:43 ffarang : now Ed is gonna serenade us
 06:43 erich13 : Rhia I'm in Rocklin California.
 06:43 KarenKramer : Is that the new amp?
 06:43 PhillMason : I wonder if thats Ed's new Gabriel Amp?
 06:43 Teri8D : ED Your Mic is still on...playing guitar?
 06:43 midnightrambler-1 : did we finish the show?
 06:43 ffarang : guess so
 06:43 MizzCindy : lullaby from Ed?
 06:43 LydJoyS : gt.... yeah did too... I was mad because I was SOO looking forward to it
 06:43 PhillMason : Great minds Karen :)
 06:43 jazili : PLay a song Ed..
 06:43 matchbox2120 : shhhh dont tell him
 06:43 Underwood : I'm hearing guitars again.
 06:43 ohnofreakout : yep night
 06:43 LydJoyS : lol
 06:44 EcuaChica : Free Falling
 06:44 DanRaine : Right folks, hitting the hay now... speak soon, and enjoy the start of the Challenge.... Awesome!!!
 06:44 diogene1 : Three crashes with Flocjk .. what's up?
 06:44 matchbox2120 : We can hear him tlak to himself... and tell himselfdeep and dark secrets
 06:44 MikeMurphy : Jeremy Kelsall are you here still?
 06:44 MizzCindy : Good night, Dan!
 06:44 JDClement : d's music show starts now
 06:44 midnightrambler-1 : flock crashes a lot
 06:44 RexEveryhting : so it did end, right?
 06:44 LydJoyS : night Dan
 06:44 MizzCindy : Tom Petty!
 06:44 harmonicbarbie : night Dan (take 2 ;-)
 06:44 PhillMason : Night Dan
 06:44 Underwood : Proper job on that new song, Phill
 06:44 wyldeye : freefallin
 06:44 hughfr : oh well night all
 06:44 SingleHanded : Night Dan :)
 06:44 andrewnez : bye guys
 06:44 KarenKramer : Nighty nite dan
 06:44 midnightrambler-1 : love free fallin
 06:44 erich13 : Should I post this chat stream?
 06:44 PhillMason : Thansk underwood
 06:44 michelletrent : Van Halen
 06:44 chapster101 : @ DanRaine, Is there a way to broadcast in two streams
 06:44 switchover : i'm going for a gag
 06:44 reannakay : yeah...tom petty...my fav
 06:44 switchover : <censored>
 06:44 Underwood : Nite dan
 06:44 ffarang : that is heavy rock Ed
 06:44 MizzCindy : She's a good girl. crazy about Elvis...
 06:44 jazili : I think Ed doing this in purpose...
 06:44 yyasmine : Which guitar are you playing Ed ??
 06:44 SingleHanded : bye Andrew
 06:44 nextdaycopy : Hey CraigEubanks -- pm
 06:44 SingleHanded : you going?
 06:44 wfh4lmum : @ Dale: watch show on Firefox
 06:44 MizzCindy : Love's Jesus, and her boyfriend too.
 06:44 LydJoyS : I wanna see who the last 20 people are to leave...lol
 06:44 Jambag : @erich13 - yes do that please
 06:45 Flyp : http://www.segway.com/individual/models/x2.php
 06:45 VinceSamios : Thank you so much Ed and Dan - For those coming to the Manchester meetup I really look forward to meeting you all - Fantastic launch show, just remember, imperfect action, is better than perfect inaction
 06:45 Surfan : GABI IS ON OUR TEAM!
 06:45 RebeccaJK : i like the quieter guitar too
 06:45 PhillMason : tracks of my tears - smoky
 06:45 MizzCindy : And I'm a bad boy, cause I don't even miss her
 06:45 harmonicbarbie : the amp sounds great, Ed! yay Gaby!
 06:45 mattwalker : JUst let it rip!!!
 06:45 midnightrambler-1 : she's a good girl,crazy bout Elvis
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trying out disqus.com for comments

"Trying out disqus.com for comments on my EpiphanySuit blog." http://twitter.com/erich13/statuses/872675791
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Working Offline: Flock Blog Post Editor & ScribeFire Blog Editor

I have found that a good way to work offline (e.g. working from a PC or Mac, in a browser) is to use Flock's Blog Post Editor and ScribeFire's Editor.

Both Editors allow for posts to be saved. These saved posts are saved within the browser's profile directory/folder.

These saved posts can be posted later, or (and this is important) you not post them, but instead, send them as an email, create a document, etc. In other words, you can use these Editors to author ideas, whether or not you blog/post them, or do something else with them.

So, whenever I have a thought that I want to write about, I can do so, even when the internet is not available.

[begin update]
  • Flock saves "unpublished" blog posts in ~Profiles\blogdrafts.sqlite
  • ScribeFire Blog Editor saves posts (a.k.a "notes") in ~Profiles\extensions\performancing-notes.xml
[end update]

Does anyone have other methods of working offline?


The following keyboard shortcuts are available for ScribeFire:

  • F8: Toggle the ScribeFire window open and closed.

Used in the rich text editor (combined with Ctrl or Command)

  • Bold: "B"
  • Italic: "I"
  • Underline: "U"
  • Link: "M"
  • Undo: "Z"
  • Redo: "Y"
  • Cut: "X"
  • Copy: "C"
  • Paste: "V"
  • Delete: "D"
  • Select All: "A"

Efficiency: drag URL or tab within and amongst browsers

You can click on the icon of a webpage that you are visting, to another browser, or open it in a new tab by dragging it to the Tab area.

This works within* a browser, and amongst** browsers! Moreover, you can also drag them amongst browsers, e.g. Firefox, Flock, Safari, SeaMonkey Navigator, and even IE (Internet Explorer) - but, not Opera.

* within browser example:

** amongst browsers, e.g. from Firefox to Flock:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

of Google's many products that have search plugins, Google Notebooks does not

I am always on the lookout for [Sherlock*] search plugins, and like to add those that interest me. Recently I discovered, much to my disappointment/frustration, that of Google's many products that have search plugins, Google Notebooks does not!!!!

A quick attempt at finding out if anyone else was aware of this lack, resulted in not finding anything.

Does anyone know of a workaround, or the status of Google adding this feature to their Notebook application?

* The Mycroft project provides a collection of Sherlock & OpenSearch Search Engine Plugins for Mozilla browsers (e.g. Flock, Firefox) and for the Internet Explorer browser.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Consuming my browser, using keywords

I consume my browser daily, by typing keywords into the URL/Location bar, and using "KeywordBar", KeywordBar :: Firefox Add-ons
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The care and feeding of your browser

Daily, I add keywords to my browser bookmarks/favorites, for quick future access.

I consider this the feeding of my browser.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An accolade from Guy Kawasaki - "Best tip of the year for me"

Guy seems to have liked my keyword tip*, and said "Wow [keyword usage] is useful. Best tip of the year for me"

BTW, he gave me a good reference: "How Cool are Custom Keywords?"

NOTE: "Flock users: to use keywords, you have to activate it: http://is.gd/SsR" - http://twitter.com/erich13/statuses/860583294

* @guykawasaki I'm a Fast Dial user also, but lately I'm switching to Mozilla browser "keyword" feature: http://is.gd/Vqj
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Use "keyword" feature in Firefox-based browsers

For each of my topics in my "Annotated Tag Cloud" (personal Wikipedia), add a keyword, for quick re-entrance into that document for that topic/keyword.

For Firefox, keyword features is enabled, but for Flock it must be
  1. activated...'keyword - Enter "about:config" (minus the quotation marks) into the url bar and press enter. Type "flock.favorites.showKeyword" (minus the quotation marks) into the "Filter" bar at the top of this window. Change the value to true.' - The tweaks that I make to Flock
  2. set, by favoriting once, and then again to be able to see the Keyword field in the Favorite panel.

In Firefox...

In Flock...

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

URL Shortening» (by Eric Herberholz)

Overview: URL Shortening, in TechEncyclopedia - 'Converting a long URL name into a short one. Also called "URL redirecting," there are many free URL shortening services on the Web that take a long URL, convert it to a short name and perform the redirection for the user when the short URL is clicked. URL shortening can be used when sending extremely long URLs in e-mail messages or chat rooms, because the URL is often broken up by the time it reaches its destination. The single string of characters is turned into multiple lines and no longer serves as a clickable link.'
* an item in My Annotated Tag Cloud (A-List»): High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia - a subsidiary of My_System»
(shortcut: is.gd/xyz)

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Avatar / Gravatar »*

* an item in My Annotated Tag Cloud (A-List»): High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia - a subsidiary of My_System»

(shortcut: is.gd/ReH)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wordle - Word Cloud of Epiphany Suit

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grok - "Stranger in a Strange Land" - Robert A. Heinlein - The Police song "Friends," lyrics state that the singer will "grok your essence."' - David Brin and Greg Cox, have borrowed the term over the years as an homage

Had a conversation with my wife about "grok", and found out, much to my dismay, that she did not know the origin of "grok", nor had she read "Stranger in a Strange Land"!!!

I knew the Etymology of "grok", and shared it ...with my wife:
Robert A. Heinlein originally coined the term grok in his 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land as a Martian word that literally means "to drink", and had a much more profound figurative meaning that is hard for Earthlings to understand because of our assumption of a singular reality.

According to the book, drinking is a central focus on Mars where water is scarce. Martians use the merging of their bodies with water as a simple example or symbol of how two entities can combine to create a new reality greater than the sum of its parts. The water becomes part of the drinker, and the drinker part of the water. Both grok each other. Things that once had separate realities become entangled in the same experiences, goals, history, and purpose. Within the book, the statement of divine immanence verbalized between the main characters, "Thou Art God", is logically derived from the concept inherent in the term grok.

Heinlein describes Martian words as "guttural" and "jarring". Martian speech is described as sounding "like a bullfrog fighting a cat". Accordingly, grok is generally pronounced as a guttural "gr" terminated by a sharp "k" with very little or no vowel sound (a narrow IPA transcription might be [ɡɹ̩kʰ]).

(Grok. (2008, June 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:36, July 6, 2008, from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Grok&oldid=218959127)

And I then began to uncover things that I did not know about grok...
  1. "Other science fiction authors, such as David Brin or Greg Cox, have borrowed the term over the years as an homage." - Wikipedia's Grok
  2. 'In The Police song "Friends," lyrics state that the singer will "grok your essence."'
  3. Grokker’s web-based, hosted solution, federates internal enterprise information, subscription content and public web services into an intuitive interface that facilitates information discovery and actionable research. Select one or more sources then grok. Yahoo!   Wikipedia   Amazon Books

We'll be buy "Stranger in a Strange Land" (by Robert A. Heinlein) very soon, and she will read it.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

QuoteURLText - excellent Add-On - especially the Formatting Customization feature - Check it out!

Just revisited using a Firefox Mozillia Add-On Extension called QuoteURLText, and either it has improved when I was not looking, or it already had this very cool formatting feature...
  1. If you click on Tools>Quoteurltext and see the Basic tab in the Text Options...
    Quoteurltext - QuoteURLText - Add-On"
  2. Click on "Use Advanced Formatting" and then...

  3. Click on the Advance Formatting tab...
    Quoteurltext - QuoteURLText - Add-On"

  4. Choose your formatting preferences, e.g.
    "@quote" - @url - @title
Then, when you highlight text, right-click, and choose "Quote Text", you'll get the data you want put on the clipboard. For example:
    "the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins#Sloth__.28Latin.2C_acedia.29 - Seven deadly sins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Mmmm Good. Homemade Peet's Toddy Iced Coffee with Horchata

Mmmm Good. Homemade Peet's (www.peets.com) Toddy (http://is.gd/FO8) Iced Coffee with Horchata (http://is.gd/MoM)

Credits/Product Placements:
http://is.gd/instructions.php, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horchata, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toddy_coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea, Samsung S630 Point and Shoot Digitial Camera
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

EMG - Electromyography - observing the activity of muscles associated with speech

"Unvoiced speech recognition recognizes speech by observing the EMG [Electromyography] activity of muscles associated with speech. It is targeted for use in noisy environments, and may be helpful for people without vocal cords and people with aphasia." -  Wikipedia - Electromyography
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Sub vocal Google search

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NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, "Subvocal Speech"

NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, "Subvocal Speech"

NASA scientists have begun to computerize human, silent reading using nerve signals in the throat that control speech.

In preliminary experiments, NASA scientists found that small, button-sized sensors, stuck under the chin and on either side of the "Adam's apple," could gather nerve signals, and send them to a processor and then to a computer program that translates them into words. Eventually, such "subvocal speech" systems could be used in spacesuits, in noisy places like airport towers to capture air-traffic controller commands, or even in traditional voice-recognition programs to increase accuracy, according to NASA scientists.

"What is analyzed is silent, or subauditory, speech, such as when a person silently reads or talks to himself," said Chuck Jorgensen, a scientist whose team is developing silent, subvocal speech recognition at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. "Biological signals arise when reading or speaking to oneself with or without actual lip or facial movement," Jorgensen explained.


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Web Browser Control Using EMG Based Sub Vocal Speech Recognition

Web Browser Control Using EMG Based Sub Vocal Speech Recognition
Jorgensen, C.   Binsted, K. 
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA;

This paper appears in: System Sciences, 2005. HICSS '05. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on
Publication Date: 03-06 Jan. 2005
On page(s): 294c- 294c
ISSN: 1530-1605
ISBN: 0-7695-2268-8
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/HICSS.2005.683
Date Published in Issue: 2005-01-24 09:11:40.0
Subvocal electromyogram (EMG) signal classification is used to control a modified web browser interface. Recorded surface signals from the larynx and sublingual areas below the jaw are filtered and transformed into features using a complex dual quad tree wavelet transform. Feature sets for six subvocally pronounced control words, 10 digits, 17 vowel phonemes and 23 consonant phonemes are trained using a scaled conjugate gradient neural network. The subvocal signals are classified and used to initiate web browser queries through a matrix based alphabet coding scheme. Hyperlinks on web pages returned by the browser are numbered sequentially and queried using digits only. Classification methodology, accuracy, and feasibility for scale up to real world human machine interface tasks are discussed in the context of vowel and consonant recognition accuracy.


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Talking Books Librarian: Operate a computer using only your tongue!

<cite>Talking Books Librarian: Operate a computer using only your tongue!</cite>: "
Operate a computer using only your tongue!Listen to this ArticleTaken from the article at http://www.gatech.edu/newsroom/release.html?id"

This makes me think of
Subvocal Input Device - under your breath (from Earth by David Brin), as a means of controlling an Epiphany Suit. In other words, fiction becomes reality.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Best Practice: maintain a balance amongst attention to email, chats, twitter, and work interrupts

Using Outlook Rules and Alerts and Chat tool configuration, I am managing to improve my ability to maintain a balance amongst attention to email, chats, twitter, and work interrupts.  This is a dynamic mostly-manual iterative process. Automation and/or management of this process would ideally be done using XMPP, in some form or another.

Does anyone know of XMPP-based tools or bots that can be used to manage interrupts from Outlook and Jabber/Windows Live Messenger?
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