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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jott, a love story

I am on business in Costa Rica. My wife is home in California. We were supposed to talk tonight using Skype. Guess what? The power is out at our home. So, guess what my wife did.  She used her newish Jott account, to phone in a an email to me. Very nice. Otherwise I would have stayed up late wondering why she didn't come one line and call me. Now I can rest easy on my last night here. Lovin' my wife. Lovin' Jott. And lovin' my wife that she thought of using Jott. Thanks Jott! Thanks Honey!

See you soon.

Any other fun stories about using Jott, anyone?
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erich said...

I gave feedback to Jott, suggesting that they add testimonials to their Press page, and here is the response that I got, "Thanks for sharing. That is a great story and I have passed it onto our marketing department. Also great suggestion about putting testimonials on the press page."