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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hyperwords for Windows, not just for Browsers anymore (or soon, at least)

As HyperWords works so well from my Mozilla Browsers (Firefox and Flock), I am taking the alpha version* of Hyperwords for Windows, for a test drive. Have not decided anything yet, besides that it is looking good, albeit somewhat annoying as it interferes with copy (control-c) after highlighting text, but this is not that different from the Hyperwords Browser Add-on Version. Hyperwords is "working to shorten the distance between curiosity and knowledge", and "makes very word on the web interactive"

Is anyone else trying it out? What do you think of it?

* will expire in 30 days

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to use existing software to implement a first generation Epiphany Suit

Using existing software, it is possible to begin to implement the first generation of the Epiphany Suit, albeit without the contact lens and the clothes, using a Mozilla browser Addon called "Hyperwords", Mozilla browser Search_Plugins», and My_System». Hyperwords allows for search, in-line [language] translation, and many more things, straight from any web page!!! Have a look at the demo. Also, using a more traditional solution that uses a familiar paradigm, Search_Plugins» can be added to your Mozilla browser (e.g. Firefox, Flock), and searches can occurring from the browser's search box*. And using My_System», you can categorically record things that you learn about or research, for future reference. For example, use a single starting place full of links to your various subjects/topics. For example: My A-List - My Epiphany Suit / My Annotated Tag Cloud: High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia.

Any other means of implementing?


* Example of search box, with many search plugins: