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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Free the Airwaves

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Technological Singularity?

Vernor Vinge
Department of Mathematical Sciences
San Diego State University

(c) 1993 by Vernor Vinge
(This article may be reproduced for noncommercial purposes if it is copied in its entirety, including this notice.)

The original version of this article was presented at the VISION-21 Symposium sponsored by NASA Lewis Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, March 30-31, 1993. A slightly changed version appeared in the Winter 1993 issue of Whole Earth Review.


Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.

Is such progress avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may survive? These questions are investigated. Some possible answers (and some further dangers) are presented.

What is The Singularity?

The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. I argue in this paper that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than human intelligence. There are several means by which science may achieve this breakthrough (and this is another reason for having confidence that the event will occur):

  • There may be developed computers that are "awake" and superhumanly intelligent. (To date, there has been much controversy as to whether we can create human equivalence in a machine. But if the answer is "yes, we can", then there is little doubt that beings more intelligent can be constructed shortly thereafter.)
  • Large computer networks (and their associated users) may "wake up" as a superhumanly intelligent entity.
  • Computer/human interfaces may become so intimate that users may reasonably be considered superhumanly intelligent.
  • Biological science may provide means to improve natural human intellect.

The first three possibilities depend in large part on improvements in computer hardware. Progress in computer hardware has followed an amazingly steady curve in the last few decades [17]. Based largely on this trend, I believe that the creation of greater than human intelligence will occur during the next thirty years. (Charles Platt [20] has pointed out that AI enthusiasts have been making claims like this for the last thirty years. Just so I'm not guilty of a relative-time ambiguity, let me more specific: I'll be surprised if this event occurs before 2005 or after 2030.)

What are the consequences of this event? When greater-than-human intelligence drives progress, that progress will be much more rapid. In fact, there seems no reason why progress itself would not involve the creation of still more intelligent entities -- on a still-shorter time scale. The best analogy that I see is with the evolutionary past: Animals can adapt to problems and make inventions, but often no faster than natural selection can do its work -- the world acts as its own simulator in the case of natural selection. We humans have the ability to internalize the world and conduct "what if's" in our heads; we can solve many problems thousands of times faster than natural selection. Now, by creating the means to execute those simulations at much higher speeds, we are entering a regime as radically different from our human past as we humans are from the lower animals.

From the human point of view this change will be a throwing away of all the previous rules, perhaps in the blink of an eye, an exponential runaway beyond any hope of control. Developments that before were thought might only happen in "a million years" (if ever) will likely happen in the next century. (In [5], Greg Bear paints a picture of the major changes happening in a matter of hours.)

I think it's fair to call this event a singularity ("the Singularity" for the purposes of this paper). It is a point where our old models must be discarded and a new reality rules. As we move closer to this point, it will loom vaster and vaster over human affairs till the notion becomes a commonplace. Yet when it finally happens it may still be a great surprise and a greater unknown. In the 1950s there were very few who saw it: Stan Ulam [28] paraphrased John von Neumann as saying:

One conversation centered on the ever accelerating progress of technology and changes in the mode of human life, which gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.

Von Neumann even uses the term singularity, though it appears he is thinking of normal progress, not the creation of superhuman intellect. (For me, the superhumanity is the essence of the Singularity. Without that we would get a glut of technical riches, never properly absorbed (see [25]).)

In the 1960s there was recognition of some of the implications of superhuman intelligence. I. J. Good wrote [11]:

Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an "intelligence explosion," and the intelligence of man would be left far behind. Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the _last_ invention that man need ever make, provided that the machine is docile enough to tell us how to keep it under control. ... It is more probable than not that, within the twentieth century, an ultraintelligent machine will be built and that it will be the last invention that man need make.

Good has captured the essence of the runaway, but does not pursue its most disturbing consequences. Any intelligent machine of the sort he describes would not be humankind's "tool" -- any more than humans are the tools of rabbits or robins or chimpanzees.

Through the '60s and '70s and '80s, recognition of the cataclysm spread [29] [1] [31] [5]. Perhaps it was the science-fiction writers who felt the first concrete impact. After all, the "hard" science-fiction writers are the ones who try to write specific stories about all that technology may do for us. More and more, these writers felt an opaque wall across the future. Once, they could put such fantasies millions of years in the future [24]. Now they saw that their most diligent extrapolations resulted in the unknowable ... soon. Once, galactic empires might have seemed a Post-Human domain. Now, sadly, even interplanetary ones are.

What about the '90s and the '00s and the '10s, as we slide toward the edge? How will the approach of the Singularity spread across the human world view? For a while yet, the general critics of machine sapience will have good press. After all, till we have hardware as powerful as a human brain it is probably foolish to think we'll be able to create human equivalent (or greater) intelligence. (There is the far-fetched possibility that we could make a human equivalent out of less powerful hardware, if we were willing to give up speed, if we were willing to settle for an artificial being who was literally slow [30]. But it's much more likely that devising the software will be a tricky process, involving lots of false starts and experimentation. If so, then the arrival of self-aware machines will not happen till after the development of hardware that is substantially more powerful than humans' natural equipment.)

But as time passes, we should see more symptoms. The dilemma felt by science fiction writers will be perceived in other creative endeavors. (I have heard thoughtful comic book writers worry about how to have spectacular effects when everything visible can be produced by the technologically commonplace.) We will see automation replacing higher and higher level jobs. We have tools right now (symbolic math programs, cad/cam) that release us from most low-level drudgery. Or put another way: The work that is truly productive is the domain of a steadily smaller and more elite fraction of humanity. In the coming of the Singularity, we are seeing the predictions of _true_ technological unemployment finally come true.

Another symptom of progress toward the Singularity: ideas themselves should spread ever faster, and even the most radical will quickly become commonplace. When I began writing science fiction in the middle '60s, it seemed very easy to find ideas that took decades to percolate into the cultural consciousness; now the lead time seems more like eighteen months. (Of course, this could just be me losing my imagination as I get old, but I see the effect in others too.) Like the shock in a compressible flow, the Singularity moves closer as we accelerate through the critical speed.

And what of the arrival of the Singularity itself? What can be said of its actual appearance? Since it involves an intellectual runaway, it will probably occur faster than any technical revolution seen so far. The precipitating event will likely be unexpected -- perhaps even to the researchers involved. ("But all our previous models were catatonic! We were just tweaking some parameters....") If networking is widespread enough (into ubiquitous embedded systems), it may seem as if our artifacts as a whole had suddenly wakened.

And what happens a month or two (or a day or two) after that? I have only analogies to point to: The rise of humankind. We will be in the Post-Human era. And for all my rampant technological optimism, sometimes I think I'd be more comfortable if I were regarding these transcendental events from one thousand years remove ... instead of twenty.

Can the Singularity be Avoided?

Well, maybe it won't happen at all: Sometimes I try to imagine the symptoms that we should expect to see if the Singularity is not to develop. There are the widely respected arguments of Penrose [19] and Searle [22] against the practicality of machine sapience. In August of 1992, Thinking Machines Corporation held a workshop to investigate the question "How We Will Build a Machine that Thinks" [27]. As you might guess from the workshop's title, the participants were not especially supportive of the arguments against machine intelligence. In fact, there was general agreement that minds can exist on nonbiological substrates and that algorithms are of central importance to the existence of minds. However, there was much debate about the raw hardware power that is present in organic brains. A minority felt that the largest 1992 computers were within three orders of magnitude of the power of the human brain. The majority of the participants agreed with Moravec's estimate [17] that we are ten to forty years away from hardware parity. And yet there was another minority who pointed to [7] [21], and conjectured that the computational competence of single neurons may be far higher than generally believed. If so, our present computer hardware might be as much as _ten_ orders of magnitude short of the equipment we carry around in our heads. If this is true (or for that matter, if the Penrose or Searle critique is valid), we might never see a Singularity. Instead, in the early '00s we would find our hardware performance curves beginning to level off -- this because of our inability to automate the design work needed to support further hardware improvements. We'd end up with some _very_ powerful hardware, but without the ability to push it further. Commercial digital signal processing might be awesome, giving an analog appearance even to digital operations, but nothing would ever "wake up" and there would never be the intellectual runaway which is the essence of the Singularity. It would likely be seen as a golden age ... and it would also be an end of progress. This is very like the future predicted by Gunther Stent. In fact, on page 137 of [25], Stent explicitly cites the development of transhuman intelligence as a sufficient condition to break his projections.

But if the technological Singularity can happen, it will. Even if all the governments of the world were to understand the "threat" and be in deadly fear of it, progress toward the goal would continue. In fiction, there have been stories of laws passed forbidding the construction of "a machine in the likeness of the human mind" [13]. In fact, the competitive advantage -- economic, military, even artistic -- of every advance in automation is so compelling that passing laws, or having customs, that forbid such things merely assures that someone else will get them first.

Eric Drexler [8] has provided spectacular insights about how far technical improvement may go. He agrees that superhuman intelligences will be available in the near future -- and that such entities pose a threat to the human status quo. But Drexler argues that we can confine such transhuman devices so that their results can be examined and used safely. This is I. J. Good's ultraintelligent machine, with a dose of caution. I argue that confinement is intrinsically impractical. For the case of physical confinement: Imagine yourself locked in your home with only limited data access to the outside, to your masters. If those masters thought at a rate -- say -- one million times slower than you, there is little doubt that over a period of years (your time) you could come up with "helpful advice" that would incidentally set you free. (I call this "fast thinking" form of superintelligence "weak superhumanity". Such a "weakly superhuman" entity would probably burn out in a few weeks of outside time. "Strong superhumanity" would be more than cranking up the clock speed on a human-equivalent mind. It's hard to say precisely what "strong superhumanity" would be like, but the difference appears to be profound. Imagine running a dog mind at very high speed. Would a thousand years of doggy living add up to any human insight? (Now if the dog mind were cleverly rewired and _then_ run at high speed, we might see something different....) Many speculations about superintelligence seem to be based on the weakly superhuman model. I believe that our best guesses about the post-Singularity world can be obtained by thinking on the nature of strong superhumanity. I will return to this point later in the paper.)

Another approach to confinement is to build _rules_ into the mind of the created superhuman entity (for example, Asimov's Laws [3]). I think that any rules strict enough to be effective would also produce a device whose ability was clearly inferior to the unfettered versions (and so human competition would favor the development of the those more dangerous models). Still, the Asimov dream is a wonderful one: Imagine a willing slave, who has 1000 times your capabilities in every way. Imagine a creature who could satisfy your every safe wish (whatever that means) and still have 99.9% of its time free for other activities. There would be a new universe we never really understood, but filled with benevolent gods (though one of _my_ wishes might be to become one of them).

If the Singularity can not be prevented or confined, just how bad could the Post-Human era be? Well ... pretty bad. The physical extinction of the human race is one possibility. (Or as Eric Drexler put it of nanotechnology: Given all that such technology can do, perhaps governments would simply decide that they no longer need citizens!). Yet physical extinction may not be the scariest possibility. Again, analogies: Think of the different ways we relate to animals. Some of the crude physical abuses are implausible, yet.... In a Post-Human world there would still be plenty of niches where human equivalent automation would be desirable: embedded systems in autonomous devices, self-aware daemons in the lower functioning of larger sentients. (A strongly superhuman intelligence would likely be a Society of Mind [16] with some very competent components.) Some of these human equivalents might be used for nothing more than digital signal processing. They would be more like whales than humans. Others might be very human-like, yet with a one-sidedness, a _dedication_ that would put them in a mental hospital in our era. Though none of these creatures might be flesh-and-blood humans, they might be the closest things in the new enviroment to what we call human now. (I. J. Good had something to say about this, though at this late date the advice may be moot: Good [12] proposed a "Meta-Golden Rule", which might be paraphrased as "Treat your inferiors as you would be treated by your superiors." It's a wonderful, paradoxical idea (and most of my friends don't believe it) since the game-theoretic payoff is so hard to articulate. Yet if we were able to follow it, in some sense that might say something about the plausibility of such kindness in this universe.)

I have argued above that we cannot prevent the Singularity, that its coming is an inevitable consequence of the humans' natural competitiveness and the possibilities inherent in technology. And yet ... we are the initiators. Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things. We have the freedom to establish initial conditions, make things happen in ways that are less inimical than others. Of course (as with starting avalanches), it may not be clear what the right guiding nudge really is:

Other Paths to the Singularity: Intelligence Amplification_

When people speak of creating superhumanly intelligent beings, they are usually imagining an AI project. But as I noted at the beginning of this paper, there are other paths to superhumanity. Computer networks and human-computer interfaces seem more mundane than AI, and yet they could lead to the Singularity. I call this contrasting approach Intelligence Amplification (IA). IA is something that is proceeding very naturally, in most cases not even recognized by its developers for what it is. But every time our ability to access information and to communicate it to others is improved, in some sense we have achieved an increase over natural intelligence. Even now, the team of a PhD human and good computer workstation (even an off-net workstation!) could probably max any written intelligence test in existence.

And it's very likely that IA is a much easier road to the achievement of superhumanity than pure AI. In humans, the hardest development problems have already been solved. Building up from within ourselves ought to be easier than figuring out first what we really are and then building machines that are all of that. And there is at least conjectural precedent for this approach. Cairns-Smith [6] has speculated that biological life may have begun as an adjunct to still more primitive life based on crystalline growth. Lynn Margulis (in [15] and elsewhere) has made strong arguments that mutualism is a great driving force in evolution.

Note that I am not proposing that AI research be ignored or less funded. What goes on with AI will often have applications in IA, and vice versa. I am suggesting that we recognize that in network and interface research there is something as profound (and potential wild) as Artificial Intelligence. With that insight, we may see projects that are not as directly applicable as conventional interface and network design work, but which serve to advance us toward the Singularity along the IA path.

Here are some possible projects that take on special significance, given the IA point of view:

  • Human/computer team automation: Take problems that are normally considered for purely machine solution (like hill-climbing problems), and design programs and interfaces that take a advantage of humans' intuition and available computer hardware. Considering all the bizarreness of higher dimensional hill-climbing problems (and the neat algorithms that have been devised for their solution), there could be some very interesting displays and control tools provided to the human team member.
  • Develop human/computer symbiosis in art: Combine the graphic generation capability of modern machines and the esthetic sensibility of humans. Of course, there has been an enormous amount of research in designing computer aids for artists, as labor saving tools. I'm suggesting that we explicitly aim for a greater merging of competence, that we explicitly recognize the cooperative approach that is possible. Karl Sims [23] has done wonderful work in this direction.
  • Allow human/computer teams at chess tournaments. We already have programs that can play better than almost all humans. But how much work has been done on how this power could be used by a human, to get something even better? If such teams were allowed in at least some chess tournaments, it could have the positive effect on IA research that allowing computers in tournaments had for the corresponding niche in AI.
  • Develop interfaces that allow computer and network access without requiring the human to be tied to one spot, sitting in front of a computer. (This is an aspect of IA that fits so well with known economic advantages that lots of effort is already being spent on it.)
  • Develop more symmetrical decision support systems. A popular research/product area in recent years has been decision support systems. This is a form of IA, but may be too focussed on systems that are oracular. As much as the program giving the user information, there must be the idea of the user giving the program guidance.
  • Use local area nets to make human teams that really work (ie, are more effective than their component members). This is generally the area of "groupware", already a very popular commercial pursuit. The change in viewpoint here would be to regard the group activity as a combination organism. In one sense, this suggestion might be regarded as the goal of inventing a "Rules of Order" for such combination operations. For instance, group focus might be more easily maintained than in classical meetings. Expertise of individual human members could be isolated from ego issues such that the contribution of different members is focussed on the team project. And of course shared data bases could be used much more conveniently than in conventional committee operations. (Note that this suggestion is aimed at team operations rather than political meetings. In a political setting, the automation described above would simply enforce the power of the persons making the rules!)
  • Exploit the worldwide Internet as a combination human/machine tool. Of all the items on the list, progress in this is proceeding the fastest and may run us into the Singularity before anything else. The power and influence of even the present-day Internet is vastly underestimated. For instance, I think our contemporary computer systems would break under the weight of their own complexity if it weren't for the edge that the USENET "group mind" gives the system administration and support people! The very anarchy of the worldwide net development is evidence of its potential. As connectivity and bandwidth and archive size and computer speed all increase, we are seeing something like Lynn Margulis' [15] vision of the biosphere as data processor recapitulated, but at a million times greater speed and with millions of humanly intelligent agents (ourselves).
The above examples illustrate research that can be done within the context of contemporary computer science departments. There are other paradigms. For example, much of the work in Artificial Intelligence and neural nets would benefit from a closer connection with biological life. Instead of simply trying to model and understand biological life with computers, research could be directed toward the creation of composite systems that rely on biological life for guidance or for the providing features we don't understand well enough yet to implement in hardware. A long-time dream of science-fiction has been direct brain to computer interfaces [2] [29]. In fact, there is concrete work that can be done (and is being done) in this area:
  • Limb prosthetics is a topic of direct commercial applicability. Nerve to silicon transducers can be made [14]. This is an exciting, near-term step toward direct communication.
  • Direct links into brains seem feasible, if the bit rate is low: given human learning flexibility, the actual brain neuron targets might not have to be precisely selected. Even 100 bits per second would be of great use to stroke victims who would otherwise be confined to menu-driven interfaces.
  • Plugging in to the optic trunk has the potential for bandwidths of 1 Mbit/second or so. But for this, we need to know the fine-scale architecture of vision, and we need to place an enormous web of electrodes with exquisite precision. If we want our high bandwidth connection to be _in addition_ to what paths are already present in the brain, the problem becomes vastly more intractable. Just sticking a grid of high-bandwidth receivers into a brain certainly won't do it. But suppose that the high-bandwidth grid were present while the brain structure was actually setting up, as the embryo develops. That suggests:
  • Animal embryo experiments. I wouldn't expect any IA success in the first years of such research, but giving developing brains access to complex simulated neural structures might be very interesting to the people who study how the embryonic brain develops. In the long run, such experiments might produce animals with additional sense paths and interesting intellectual abilities.
Originally, I had hoped that this discussion of IA would yield some clearly safer approaches to the Singularity. (After all, IA allows our participation in a kind of transcendance.) Alas, looking back over these IA proposals, about all I am sure of is that they should be considered, that they may give us more options. But as for safety ... well, some of the suggestions are a little scarey on their face. One of my informal reviewers pointed out that IA for individual humans creates a rather sinister elite. We humans have millions of years of evolutionary baggage that makes us regard competition in a deadly light. Much of that deadliness may not be necessary in today's world, one where losers take on the winners' tricks and are coopted into the winners' enterprises. A creature that was built _de novo_ might possibly be a much more benign entity than one with a kernel based on fang and talon. And even the egalitarian view of an Internet that wakes up along with all mankind can be viewed as a nightmare [26].

The problem is not simply that the Singularity represents the passing of humankind from center stage, but that it contradicts our most deeply held notions of being. I think a closer look at the notion of strong superhumanity can show why that is.

Strong Superhumanity and the Best We Can Ask for

Suppose we could tailor the Singularity. Suppose we could attain our most extravagant hopes. What then would we ask for: That humans themselves would become their own successors, that whatever injustice occurs would be tempered by our knowledge of our roots. For those who remained unaltered, the goal would be benign treatment (perhaps even giving the stay-behinds the appearance of being masters of godlike slaves). It could be a golden age that also involved progress (overleaping Stent's barrier). Immortality (or at least a lifetime as long as we can make the universe survive [10] [4]) would be achievable.

But in this brightest and kindest world, the philosophical problems themselves become intimidating. A mind that stays at the same capacity cannot live forever; after a few thousand years it would look more like a repeating tape loop than a person. (The most chilling picture I have seen of this is in [18].) To live indefinitely long, the mind itself must grow ... and when it becomes great enough, and looks back ... what fellow-feeling can it have with the soul that it was originally? Certainly the later being would be everything the original was, but so much vastly more. And so even for the individual, the Cairns-Smith or Lynn Margulis notion of new life growing incrementally out of the old must still be valid.

This "problem" about immortality comes up in much more direct ways. The notion of ego and self-awareness has been the bedrock of the hardheaded rationalism of the last few centuries. Yet now the notion of self-awareness is under attack from the Artificial Intelligence people ("self-awareness and other delusions"). Intelligence Amplification undercuts our concept of ego from another direction. The post-Singularity world will involve extremely high-bandwidth networking. A central feature of strongly superhuman entities will likely be their ability to communicate at variable bandwidths, including ones far higher than speech or written messages. What happens when pieces of ego can be copied and merged, when the size of a selfawareness can grow or shrink to fit the nature of the problems under consideration? These are essential features of strong superhumanity and the Singularity. Thinking about them, one begins to feel how essentially strange and different the Post-Human era will be -- _no matter how cleverly and benignly it is brought to be_.

From one angle, the vision fits many of our happiest dreams: a time unending, where we can truly know one another and understand the deepest mysteries. From another angle, it's a lot like the worst- case scenario I imagined earlier in this paper.

Which is the valid viewpoint? In fact, I think the new era is simply too different to fit into the classical frame of good and evil. That frame is based on the idea of isolated, immutable minds connected by tenuous, low-bandwith links. But the post-Singularity world _does_ fit with the larger tradition of change and cooperation that started long ago (perhaps even before the rise of biological life). I think there _are_ notions of ethics that would apply in such an era. Research into IA and high-bandwidth communications should improve this understanding. I see just the glimmerings of this now [32]. There is Good's Meta-Golden Rule; perhaps there are rules for distinguishing self from others on the basis of bandwidth of connection. And while mind and self will be vastly more labile than in the past, much of what we value (knowledge, memory, thought) need never be lost. I think Freeman Dyson has it right when he says [9]: "God is what mind becomes when it has passed beyond the scale of our comprehension."

[I wish to thank John Carroll of San Diego State University and Howard Davidson of Sun Microsystems for discussing the draft version of this paper with me.]

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[32] Vinge, Vernor, To Appear [ :-) ].

Local Vinge page. My argument against the incomprehensibility of the Singularity.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Replace keyword shortcut in Mozilla browsers, with nicknamed short URLs

I just created my first replacement for a keyword shortcut ("irc"), with snipr.com/erich13-irc

So, instead of having to feed all of my Mozilla browsers (Firefox and Flock) on all of my computers with new keywords, I can just create a nicknamed short URL once, and then use it in all of my browsers.

The short URL is a little longer than a keyword (snipr.com/erich13-irc -vs- irc), but the result is more versatile and is also shareable.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

30dc - ustream.tv - chat log

 05:07 erich13 : http://epiphanysuit.blogspot.com/2008/08/30dc-ustreamtv-pre-show-chat-log.html
 05:07 smitabdesai : done bugging gurubob
 05:07 smitabdesai : he is nice
 05:07 jamieludlow : http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/forums/general-chat/7771-wordpressdirect-critical-update-must-read.html
 05:07 andrewnez : the chat moving too fast will slow the broadcast for people
 05:07 tiggsy : i had to get another host, cos dreamhost is in the list, but dont work yet
 05:07 andrewnez : so slow down
 05:07 MyklK : @zgailgoodman - you'll have video and audio glitches - normal.
05:07 smitabdesai : done bugging gurubob
 05:07 smitabdesai : he is nice
 05:07 jamieludlow : http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/forums/general-chat/7771-wordpressdirect-critical-update-must-read.html
 05:07 andrewnez : the chat moving too fast will slow the broadcast for people
 05:07 tiggsy : i had to get another host, cos dreamhost is in the list, but dont work yet
 05:07 andrewnez : so slow down
 05:07 MyklK : @zgailgoodman - you'll have video and audio glitches - normal.
 05:07 AmandaRisi : I read that update...
 05:07 Artsy007 : just refesh to unfreeze screen
 05:07 mdinapolis : My browser just hosed
 05:07 NextDayCopy : is there an alternate way to send questions... my computer can just about handle the video and that's it
 05:08 spiritcoach : 79 viewers and still COUNTING!
 05:08 zgailgoodman : ok
 05:08 NextDayCopy : (and right now, it's not doingthat,either)
 05:08 phirst1 : Aus just came in 4th in the 400 freestyle
 05:08 momnopp : I always thought he was talking about a Star Wars character - but he's saying "pardon me"  LOL
 05:08 spiritcoach : oops that was 479 and still counting
 05:08 greekgourmand : Hello All!
 05:08 mdinapolis : I'm glad I used my own hosting
 05:08 garydotgray : Watched the video's and now I just gotta doit!
 05:08 Artsy007 : Hey Greekgourmand!
 05:08 greekgourmand : Hi Artsy!
 05:08 Artsy007 : You
 05:08 MizzCindy : support nightmare
 05:08 Artsy007 : Yup! I mean :-)
 05:08 papisystem : watch the video
 05:08 greekgourmand : lol'
 05:08 scole : Hey guys.
 05:08 michellebrouse : I'll send a question for you Judy - type it here, and I'll copy it over
 05:08 smitabdesai : sound gone
 05:09 scole : what happened to Dan bringing the Raines?
 05:09 vpeters : kudos to Martine from Martin from WPD for keeping on top of the 30DC Forum
 05:09 zgailgoodman : any one from New York--Rockland county
 05:09 NextDayCopy : I'll give you a private michelle
 05:09 Madmapper : 500 viewers and counting ;-)
 05:09 netvalar : hello
 05:09 harmonicbarbie : hey scole!
 05:09 lesliewilliams : Florida here
 05:09 greekgourmand : Gurubob, you're still my hero du jour!
 05:09 MizzCindy : @scole - he forgot anniversary
 05:09 hughfraser : Hey Scole
 05:09 scole : hey barb.
 05:09 MyklK : scole - tonight's his anniversary (he forgot!)
 05:09 michellebrouse : k
 05:09 garydotgray : Hope that is rum Rob
 05:09 garydotgray : lol
 05:09 papisystem : promote rich <censored>
 05:09 keavyo : have you just got here shannon?... did you hear, he forgot his anniversary!
 05:09 scole : LOL... sounds like something I would do!
 05:09 switchover : hey shannon
 05:09 kispeterg : okay enuff spirit i guess :)
 05:09 scottywags : hey Florida...Orlando here!
 05:09 Adrian_Reeve : everybody twitter!
 05:09 harmonicbarbie : Shannon - would you believe that Dan almost forgot his anniversary?? that's why he's not here
 05:09 lesliewilliams : scotty...Daytona Beach area
 05:09 koreabsorb : Tampa here
 05:09 zgailgoodman : Is anybody seeing anything other than a frozen screen?
 05:10 scole : hey hugh, switchover.
 05:10 AmandaRisi : can't see gurubob...
 05:10 scottywags : nice
 05:10 tiggsy : where do we put qs?
 05:10 lesliewilliams : hey korea!
 05:10 harmonicbarbie : lol scole
 05:10 MyklK : Woo Hoo, the 18 day coasting!!

 06:51 momnopp : but arent' our free hosted sites subdomains?
 06:51 MyklK :  yeahs!
 06:51 mrozmanith : tough
 06:52 zgirlie : I'm confused
 06:52 Ben_Ray : donkeys ages
 06:52 AmandaRisi : and the folder points to a subdomain..?
 06:52 zgirlie : , it has no bl
 06:52 jwusch : BLD zgirle
 06:52 garydotgray : yep a move on
 06:52 michellebrouse-1 : zgirlie - domain age of 10
 06:52 freshair3 : see, I learned something
 06:52 michellebrouse-1 : very large site
 06:52 switchover : 2 has too many backlinks to the domain
 06:52 PhillMason : Good comment dgoucher
 06:52 rowlingfan2012 : how can we optimize our sites for "description" ? vintage electric guitar blog isn't optimized for it and neither is my blog
 06:52 Shane_o : DA an PR i think zgirlie
 06:52 dmdoc : From Alexa #1 Yahoo, #2 Google, #3 YouTube
 06:52 dgoucher : @phill thx
 06:52 nrocy : rowlingfan: <meta> description
 06:53 nrocy : i mentioned it on my blog
 06:53 switchover : yep
 06:53 SquirrelBait : Does number of competitors pages have an impact on choosing a viable keyword?
 06:53 MyklK : phrase for page competition, broad for traffic GREAT! :D
 06:53 rowlingfan2012 : @nrocy thank you!!
 06:53 switchover : SEOT = Broad Match SEOC = Phrase Match
 06:53 MyklK : Look! It's GuruBob!
 06:53 scole : @momnopp yes. you have the option of using your own domain and/or hosting... or their subdomain.  it was up to you to choose which one.  the free subdomain option is excellent for someone who is wanting to learn and keep going..  after the challenge you might wanna check out domains and hosting.
 06:53 nrocy : np, if you google for "meta description" you'll see how to slot it in
 06:53 vmone : does market samurai already correct for that paradigm???????????????
 06:53 nrocy : just bump it next to the other meta tags
 06:53 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:53 zgirlie : carolsmile, why did you put up the squido  link?  I wnet there and there isn't anything there?
 06:53 momnopp : @scole - thanks - makes more sense now
 06:53 TigerUK : haha swtichover
 06:54 switchover : :D
 06:54 scole : momnopp.. glad to know. :)
 06:54 switchover : i'm not getting on ranking
 06:54 mdinapolis : put some good stuff in your contact page :>)
 06:54 dgoucher : @switch - at least they'll call you ;)
 06:54 switchover : on index i get both
 06:54 Carosmile : @zgirlie - it was a dummy url to highlight the point Rob was making about sub filders/directories are bettern than sub domains
 06:54 michellebrouse-1 : zgirlie, that was an "example" link -
 06:54 michellebrouse-1 : just to show the "path"
 06:54 michellebrouse-1 : :-)
 06:54 switchover : on index i get both, on ranking i only get contact us
 06:54 garydotgray :
 06:54 garydotgray : 9
 06:54 zgirlie : o, thank you carosmile,
 06:54 andrewnez : Archived TV shows will end up here: http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/members/training08/30DCTV.php
 06:54 scole : Day 09 = http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/members/training08/day09.php
 06:54 andrewnez : day 09
 06:55 andrewnez : shannon you legend
 06:55 scole : :)
 06:55 MyklK : wow - attack of the links.
 06:55 scole : lol
 06:55 switchover : ctrl f
 06:55 MizzCindy : didn't know you could do that with google display preferences!
 06:55 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:55 switchover : on index i get both, on ranking i only get contact us
 06:55 lwross-1 : http://www.google.com/preferences
 06:55 MyklK : @MizzCindy - that was worth the price of admission right there! ;)
 06:55 SamThomas : Ed and Rob are awesome
 06:55 gurubob : @switchover build more links
 06:55 ddhamm : save target as
 06:55 MizzCindy : @MyklK It wure was!
 06:55 dgoucher : actually, flock says save link as
 06:56 ddhamm : to download
 06:56 coursework101 : Save target as
 06:56 Carosmile : save target as
 06:56 succeed2k : save link as
 06:56 switchover : ok bob
 06:56 MyklK : GuruBob is chatting and starring in the show at the same time!! WOW!
 06:56 succeed2k : save target as
 06:56 jwusch : Save Target As
 06:56 switchover : thanks a lot bob
 06:56 netvalar : not save link save target
 06:56 ddhamm : right click on link, select Save Target As
 06:56 scole : "Save link as" is correct for IE.
 06:56 dgoucher : ok, mine says save link, must have a strange copy ;)
 06:56 AllCanWin : save target as
 06:56 dgoucher : thanks scole
 06:57 ready2act : i can't choose save target as
 06:57 mdinapolis : which browser are you using?
 06:57 papisystem : Ed and Rob-good webinar
 06:57 switchover : i'm gonna overdose on vitamin c and zinc tablets
 06:57 mdinapolis : IE Save as
 06:57 switchover : i've had 2 today
 06:57 AmandaRisi : right click open in new tab.... download prog should open
 06:57 richardlol : Ed will only 2 to 5 % flow through to your main site?
 06:57 MizzCindy : I use save link as...
 06:57 scole : my mistake... in IE it's "Save Target As.."
 06:57 MyklK : d is goofing around!
 06:57 tiggsy : somebody still using ie after ed did his "dont use ie" pep talk??
 06:57 mindykoch : Switch!
 06:57 nrocy : haha ed
 06:58 scole : in IE7 that is.
 06:58 nrocy : skitching that mugshot eh
 06:58 kispeterg : snapped
 06:58 mindykoch : i meant Skitch
 06:58 switchover : lol
 06:58 PhillMason : MyklK - LOL :)
 06:58 MizzCindy : I'm using Flock - save link as
 06:58 zgirlie : huh?
 06:58 CaliGuy-9422 : no follow tags
 06:58 MyklK : PR is being passed?
 06:58 scole : As soon as I'm caught up on the material.. I'm going to be uploading the content on the bittorrent network.
 06:58 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 06:58 switchover : phill - can i get the mp3 for the 30 day challenge theme?????
 06:58 tiggsy : ie7. yuk. slow, ponderous, bloody awful
 06:59 ddhamm : Yikes, in Flock it IS save link as
 06:59 dgoucher : really?
 06:59 MyklK : scole - you aren't caught up?? wHat are you doing out there searching for links then??
 06:59 SamThomas : lol ED
 06:59 MyklK : Brother!
 06:59 ChrisGatbonton : LOL
 06:59 dgoucher : LOL
 06:59 ohnofreakout : nice
 06:59 OscarSoto : lol ed
 06:59 andrewnez : If your chat or video slows down, clear your cache
 06:59 Goodman888 : LMAO
 06:59 nrocy : haha
 06:59 Carosmile : @Phill - on another chat people were asking if you have a CD to sell?
 06:59 Goodman888 : LOL
 06:59 mdinapolis : Now they look like twins
 06:59 mindykoch : Ha ha... nice Ed!
 06:59 dgoucher : The Power of Skitch!
 06:59 ddhamm : freaked me out, yes, I just tried to download a 30d video
 06:59 PhillMason : switchover, I'll provide a link shortly
 06:59 scole : MyklK.. :)  good question.
 06:59 Carosmile : Maybe Twitter a link to it?
 06:59 papisystem : thr devil
 06:59 kispeterg : :D
 06:59 MizzCindy : Right, ddhamm, at least for me
 06:59 switchover : cool! thanks a lot
 06:59 WendyMerritt : LOL
 06:59 ready2act : no it opens a new tab playing the video
 06:59 zgirlie : LOL
 06:59 celenco : lol...lol EDD
 06:59 MyklK : Now see GuruBob uses his extra cycles answering questions.
 06:59 mindykoch : DevilBob
 06:59 Artsy007 : d is bored :-)
 06:59 KarenKramer : LOL Ed
 06:59 PhillMason : @Caro - not yet Caro, but I will sort it out as a few people have asked - thanks
 06:59 switchover : lol ed is such a joker
 06:59 Carosmile : Ed is being devilish
 06:59 ddhamm : in I.E. it's save target as
 07:00 harmonicbarbie : Myk - because scole is DA MAN!!! :-0
 07:00 MyklK : Ed uses his extra cycles doodling!! :p
 07:00 andrewnez : what was that I said about easily amused? ;-)
 07:00 kispeterg : i cant pay attention i have to watch the video again :)
 07:00 WendyMerritt : Now we know what you are doing when you aren't talking! LOL
 07:00 AmandaRisi : oh no lol...
 07:00 Carosmile : @Phill - well we'd LOVE one :D
 07:00 nancymkqueen : funny. am I the only one who saw that?
 07:00 e521 : lol
 07:00 SamThomas : ED you should do a pic of you to put beside the pic of Rob
 07:00 dgoucher : Ed, stop mucking around, I can't concentrate
 07:00 dgoucher : ;)
 07:00 AmandaRisi :  be fair...
 07:00 PhillMason : Thanks Caro - I'd like to give you one
 07:00 MyklK : @nancymkqueen - see what?
 07:00 ready2act : yea, save link as doesn't down load the video
 07:00 PhillMason : sorry - CD that is :)
 07:00 switchover : aahhahahahhaha
 07:00 switchover : <PhillMason> Thanks Caro - I'd like to give you one
 07:00 switchover : ahahahahahhaa
 07:00 tiggsy : what is siloing
 07:01 Carosmile : @Phill - lol - that got a robust laugh out of me he he :D
 07:01 AmandaRisi : @ready2act try right click open in new tab or window...
 07:01 thisguydoug : you can't save the streaming video from ustream
 07:01 koreabsorb : where did guru say to find more info on sighlo instead of immediate edge?
 07:01 rowlingfan2012 : how do i add meta tag in css not html so i can edit my blog template and add my meta description?
 07:01 PhillMason : @Caro :) Oopppss!!
 07:01 nrocy : rowling, you can't add it to css
 07:01 mdinapolis : increase your resolution and you can see the link
 07:01 nrocy : edit your header.php
 07:01 SamThomas : Joel Comm's "That Was Easy Button"
 07:01 nrocy : if you want i'll help you with it
 07:01 mindykoch : I love the "That was Easy" button from staples.
 07:01 dgoucher : @ready2 - are you clicking on the HD/SD buttons
 07:01 ready2act : @amanda i did it
 07:01 nrocy : but it would be tomorrow, it's late here :)
 07:01 rowlingfan2012 : please, do you have skype nrocy ?
 07:01 garydotgray : What a man
 07:01 ddhamm : use right click
 07:01 AmandaRisi : yay
 07:01 koreabsorb : nrocy what is your twitter address
 07:01 celenco : how do you edit headline.php
 07:02 scole : Easy Button: http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/easybutton/easybutton.html?cm_sp=creative-_-easy%20button_homegr01-_-easybutton
 07:02 nrocy : twitter is /nrocy
 07:02 dgoucher : @celenco - carefully
 07:02 rowlingfan2012 : thanks
 07:02 andrewnez : Post your questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 07:02 nrocy : friendfeed same
 07:02 switchover : 0 is bad?
 07:02 ready2act : @amanda then??
 07:02 Carosmile : @Phill - I'm still giggling, I'd love a CD and wont upset your wife for anything else :D
 07:02 harmonicbarbie : lol scole
 07:02 mindykoch : wow, Shannon.. that was easy!  (and fast@)
 07:02 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 07:02 keavyo : ed go poo
 07:02 nrocy : it's 3am here
 07:02 kispeterg : think its time for another coffee break maybe? :)
 07:02 mdinapolis : celenco don't mess with unless you know what U R doing
 07:02 scole : I love the easy button.. I want to get one..
 07:02 dgoucher : ed go logaryhtmic
 07:02 nrocy : but i'm happy to help in about 9 hours or so :)
 07:02 celenco : is there a tutorial on how to do it?
 07:02 PhillMason : @Caro :)
 07:02 ddhamm : wow didn't know about that page rank detail
 07:02 scole : have to run into stamples next time I'm near.. :)
 07:02 kispeterg : i got a short attention span..
 07:02 celenco : I want to dite mine
 07:02 ddhamm : power of 10
 07:02 Carosmile : @celenco - the 30DC
 07:02 AmandaRisi : bumper stickers coming out ...
 07:02 switchover : does that mean page rank 2 is 100 times more powerful than a page rank 0????????????
 07:02 dgoucher : @celenco - look on wordpress site for WP mods - not one here yet
 07:03 mdinapolis : Not hard to make changes but need to know what not to change
 07:03 MyklK : scole - thought you were using your easy button for links :D
 07:03 celenco : edit*
 07:03 scole : myklK... shhhh.. that's my secret.
 07:03 AmandaRisi : cool.....
 07:03 Jimmyjam : Paul... I've used your SEOT calculator. thanks
 07:03 MyklK : I *knew* there was some secret!
 07:03 celenco : I see, thats cool, I 'll search that
 07:03 nrocy : jimmyjam: cool :)
 07:03 dgoucher : @celenco - short version - FTP file to your machine, edit in text editor, save, upload via FTP
 07:04 MountainGirl : is there an easy button for raising kids?
 07:04 zgirlie : I'm getting really confused
 07:04 MyklK : I thought you just had the 5 second delay ;)
 07:04 AmandaRisi : lol
 07:04 donTask_me : <- me 2
 07:04 zgirlie : all this page rank?
 07:04 dgoucher : @mountain - ed uses DuctTape
 07:04 scole : Mountain.. if you find one.. let me know. :)
 07:04 CurtisM : lol mountaingirl
 07:04 jhooker : I can't get WordPress to find my host
 07:04 zgirlie : LOL
 07:04 OscarSoto : lol
 07:04 Stoltsen : how do i ask ed a question here? what the link again?
 07:04 harmonicbarbie : lol Mountaingirl
 07:04 MountainGirl : lol @dgoucher
 07:04 keavyo : it's all that tea, ed!
 07:04 dgoucher : allegedly
 07:04 Carosmile : @zgirlie - if you are concerned - do not worry about it for right now :-)
 07:04 dgoucher : ;)
 07:04 garydotgray : Clear like mud...lol
 07:04 MizzCindy : Twhirly break? Like a potty break?
 07:04 WendyMerritt : TMI
 07:04 momnopp : TMI
 07:04 carpediem10 : mountain girl- it's called military school.
 07:04 zgirlie : 30,000 = seoc
 07:04 celenco : I see... alrite, thanks guys
 07:04 PhillMason : Uk'ers still wide awake here - 3.00am :}
 07:04 nrocy : phil: yeah
 07:05 switchover : i'm from the uk as well!
 07:05 MountainGirl : @carpe...nunnery
 07:05 switchover : :D
 07:05 Carosmile : Toiley break - it's aVERY important event in Australia - a bit like morning & afternoon tea...
 07:05 nrocy : hard work, but fun :)
 07:05 MyklK : @MizzCindy - their potties twirley the other direction! :D
 07:05 MizzCindy : Good job, Phill
 07:05 michellebrouse-1 : <---needs break for kids, etc - don't want to miss my question being answered. :-(
 07:05 andrewnez : so glad Ed is talking about toilet breaks.
 07:05 CrazyFretz : UK here too, wide awake indeed
 07:05 ecoaussie : Is this being recorded?
 07:05 MizzCindy : Good job all UKers
 07:05 ddhamm : wtg UKers
 07:05 Madmapper : am for us South Africans
 07:05 garydotgray : lol Caro
 07:05 nrocy : there'lll be hell to pay tomorrow!
 07:05 dgoucher : @phill - I think I'm awake, but I reckon I just saw rob grow horns so I'm not so sure
 07:05 LittleNetworks : order EASY button online at staples.com
 07:05 MyklK : Phil, don't you have a job? :p
 07:05 MountainGirl : @michelle - me too!
 07:05 ekrubonline : I need a beer. Just realised I have a LOT of work to do
 07:05 PhillMason : nrocy & MizzCindy :)
 07:05 michelletrent-1 : LOL @andrewnez
 07:05 ekrubonline : lol
 07:05 scole : brb
 07:05 MizzCindy : Good job South Aficaners
 07:05 ddhamm : lol dgoucher
 07:05 PhillMason : MkylK - What's a job? :)
 07:05 ekrubonline : any British can recommend a good beer
 07:05 mdinapolis : Attack ezines on their weak front back links
 07:05 hughfraser : Phill, Yeah im still here
 07:05 Webmaestro : Hey Ed can you speak a little closer to your mic please - Bob's fine but you're faint
 07:05 CrazyFretz : lol
 07:05 rowlingfan2012 : @nrocy it is the setDescription("This is the page's meta description.");
 07:05 rowlingfan2012 : ?
 07:05 AmandaRisi : and it's 4:05 here ... a coupla hours till we see the sun...
 07:06 vpeters : Cool!!!
 07:06 MyklK : Phill - my preferred form of slavery!
 07:06 switchover : corona is my beer of choice :D
 07:06 PhillMason : I'm a musician - I never really had a real job!
 07:06 nrocy : rowling: that looks like javascript
 07:06 MizzCindy : Rob is the bee knees too!
 07:06 SamThomas : lol
 07:06 PhillMason : d's making that up!!
 07:06 nrocy : perhaps you can do it through wordpress
 07:06 switchover : like jez from peep show
 07:06 nrocy : let me go have a look
 07:06 rowlingfan2012 : okay
 07:06 Ben_Ray : lambe
 07:06 MyklK : I still can't hear Ed as well.
 07:06 MountainGirl : @switch...salud!
 07:06 Madmapper : Amanda, nice to see more SA'ns here ;-)
 07:06 WendyJRoan : That's a great question!
 07:06 AmandaRisi : lol
 07:06 switchover : :D
 07:07 zgirlie : i hope this is recorded because it keeps cutting out on me
 07:07 chrislrob : help me understand:  when I do keyword search, I do them word or phrase--no quotes.  But when I do seo competition I use word or phrase with quotes? i.e., "grape nuts"?
 07:07 ddhamm : definitely don't look for your links on MSN lol
 07:07 switchover : this is outrageous! this is contageous!
 07:07 mdinapolis : I hope they edit the recording too
 07:07 mrozmanith : roasted nuts!
 07:07 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 07:07 AmandaRisi : @Madmapper ... hi
 07:07 Ben_Ray : cornflakes
 07:07 SamThomas : thanks for a great show ED and ROB
 07:07 garydotgray : Caro is this all being recorded?
 07:07 switchover : arsenal!!!!!!!
 07:08 Ben_Ray : a little late
 07:08 Carosmile : I believe so
 07:08 andrewnez : Archived TV shows will end up here: http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/members/training08/30DCTV.php
 07:08 garydotgray : cool
 07:08 WendyMerritt : groupie!
 07:08 Ben_Ray : love gifts
 07:08 CurtisM : hahaha
 07:08 harmonicbarbie : love gifts!
 07:08 keavyo : send mankinis
 07:08 MizzCindy : love gifts or money - woohoo
 07:08 Carosmile : Naughty Robert...you'll get yourself into trouble...
 07:08 hughfraser : I would buy Gurubobs hard backed book
 07:08 zgirlie : wow james
 07:09 switchover : gurubob needs game
 07:09 nrocy : rowling: looks like the easiest thing to do would be to modify header.php
 07:09 switchover : lol
 07:09 Webmaestro : don't be shy Ed SPEAK UP! Pleez
 07:09 EdShaz : @Barb they didn't mean 'that' by Love Gifts ;)
 07:09 nrocy : i'll check if it's doable through the admin interface
 07:09 rowlingfan2012 : thanks, that what im looking at right now in wp-admin
 07:09 harmonicbarbie : EdShaz - are you SURE?? lol
 07:09 seriousmny : I have 1 article posted by 4 ready to post.  Do we proceed or wait?
 07:09 sparkymarky : where do we submit our screenshots of our marketing samurai?
 07:09 scole : 1 sale in 200 clicks is average... 0.5% conversion.
 07:09 nrocy : ok here we go
 07:09 nrocy : Go to
 07:09 MizzCindy : Oh, I bet they did. ;-)
 07:09 nrocy : Design -> Theme Editor
 07:09 Ben_Ray : man candy
 07:09 nrocy : click on header.php on the right hand side
 07:10 nrocy : you'll see a page come up with <meta name="generator" etc
 07:10 jtmosher : my favorite plugin for WP
 07:10 scole : Example: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin
 07:10 SamThomas : www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin
 07:10 dgoucher : YAY GuruBob!
 07:10 scole : lol Sam. :)
 07:10 MyklK : Scole: that works for qarf.com, but not topicster.com???
 07:10 nrocy : rowling: got it?
 07:10 sparkymarky : where do we submit our screenshots of our marketing samurai?
 07:10 CurtisM : thank you bob
 07:10 rowlingfan2012 : @nrocy got it thanks a ton!
 07:10 nrocy : ok
 07:10 Adrian_Reeve : yay \o/
 07:10 SamThomas : sorry was typing it at the same time I guess
 07:10 nrocy : you want to put one in there
 07:11 Ben_Ray : yes
 07:11 scole : Myklk.. have no idea, sorry.
 07:11 mindykoch : yes
 07:11 MyklK : YEs!!
 07:11 Carosmile : yes
 07:11 keavyo : yes
 07:11 bjdesign : where do you ask a question
 07:11 Ben_Ray : yes
 07:11 gbradley : fine
 07:11 switchover : yes
 07:11 dgoucher : @sparky - send url to QA link (scole)
 07:11 MDAZ : y
 07:11 switchover : better
 07:11 midnightrambler : yes'
 07:11 SamThomas : yes
 07:11 Artsy007 : good
 07:11 switchover : yes
 07:11 PhillMason : Fine Ed
 07:11 switchover : it's all good
 07:11 donTask_me : YESSSSSSSSS
 07:11 MyklK : Sounds good.
 07:11 stevelco : sound is fine
 07:11 jbrian50 : guru bob cuts in n out
 07:11 michelletrent-1 : fine
 07:11 WendyJRoan : veryone's sounding good
 07:11 switchover : it's money baby $$$$
 07:11 Webmaestro : not much Ed
 07:11 jtmosher : you can also login wp-admin, and customize each pages meta data.
 07:11 nrocy : <meta name="description" content="blah blah bla" />
 07:11 SamThomas : ED put your picture up there beside Rob's
 07:11 greekgourmand : better than a kick in the head
 07:11 mindykoch : ha  ha
 07:11 garydotgray : Still a bit low Ed
 07:11 Carosmile : @jbrian50 - that's the joy (not) of Skype - it's known to do that
 07:11 gbradley : super groovy
 07:11 scole : on the subdomains.. http://yoursubdomain.WPDurl.com/wp-admin
 07:11 ambassador : yes - sound is good
 07:11 dgoucher : @scole - question link please
 07:11 AmandaRisi : sounds great
 07:11 nrocy : i'll add it to my next blog post
 07:11 sparkymarky : where do we submit our screenshots of our marketing samurai for analysis?
 07:11 jbrian50 : ty caro
 07:11 scole : WPDurl is the url you have with Wordpress Direct.
 07:11 Ben_Ray : whats a pingamatic
 07:11 kispeterg : ya
 07:11 rowlingfan2012 : ty
 07:12 switchover : can we have another break????
 07:12 Adrian_Reeve : yes thanks
 07:12 switchover : i want a <censored>
 07:12 scole : pingomatic.com
 07:12 Carosmile : Rob's telling you now @Ben_Ray :-)
 07:12 scole : http://www.pingomatic.com
 07:12 MyklK : Thanks, scole, that worked for one of them.
 07:12 mdinapolis : pingamatic tells the world that you posted a new post on your blog
 07:12 PhillMason : LOL - Look at Bob :)
 07:12 juliesalgado : LOL
 07:12 dgoucher : Ed, can you kick your mac or something so we can have a break?
 07:12 momnopp : I'm looking for lindiop
 07:12 CurtisM : oh my look at bob
 07:12 harmonicbarbie : naught naught Ed!!! lol
 07:12 jtmosher : lol
 07:12 michellebrouse-1 : I second the break
 07:12 donTask_me : <-CUTE PIC.LOL LOL rOB
 07:12 gbradley : Really Super Stoking
 07:12 MyklK : Looks like Saturday Night Live.
 07:12 MDAZ : When using Marketing Samurai, I get mostly "brand names" that qualify with number of searches and competition.  Does it make sense to target a brand name niche?
 07:12 CurtisM : 10!!
 07:12 scole : Thirty Day Challenge RSS Submission: http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/members/tools/rsssubmit.php
 07:12 MountainGirl : LOL
 07:12 drivedoctor : Ed... nice artwork
 07:12 michelletrent-1 : lol dgoucher
 07:12 WendyMerritt : 10
 07:13 MizzCindy : PInk is rob's color.
 07:13 MyklK : What if you are doing 1 every other day!
 07:13 Carosmile : 5-10 backlinks a day
 07:13 Ben_Ray : matches the mankini
 07:13 Gamemaker : Is it true that google will not find all your link on the same day
 07:13 sparkymarky : where do we submit our screenshots of our marketing samurai?
 07:13 WendyMerritt : you are giving them free advertising...why would you do that
 07:13 ChrisGatbonton : collusion
 07:13 MyklK : You can bleed out your authority?? Great!
 07:13 keavyo : lol ben
 07:13 dgoucher : @sparkymarky www.thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa
 07:13 Carosmile : @Myklk - thats fine - just going slower - and is fine - more for those that want to do 100's in a day
 07:13 dgoucher : send the URL of the pic
 07:13 CurtisM : making comments on rss reader articles is doing that isnt it?
 07:14 jtmosher : and be picky
 07:14 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/
 07:14 dgoucher : @caro thx
 07:14 keavyo : if Rob is matching the pink mankini, then Ed must be wearing the leopard print one tonight
 07:14 MyklK : @Caro - thanks.  I just can't move as fast as some others.
 07:14 Ben_Ray : sand box = purgatory
 07:14 Ben_Ray : repent
 07:14 MDAZ : Is anyone else running into the same situation?
 07:14 switchover : it's in the meta catergory
 07:14 Jimmyjam : @Ben_Ray  or Largo, Florida
 07:14 dgoucher : Good q
 07:14 Carosmile : @Myklk -  at least you ARE moving - action is the most important thing - speed not as essential (unless it's necessary to be responsive to a situation)
 07:14 harmonicbarbie : hey - what happened to Gurubob's devil horns? lol
 07:15 MizzCindy : He's repented.
 07:15 MyklK : @Caro - that's my goal for this year - just act. :D
 07:15 MountainGirl : @michelle - did you attend to the kids?
 07:15 harmonicbarbie : lol
 07:15 CurtisM : Ed showed us atribution article posting on our blog but isnt that putting links on our site and bleeding page rank?
 07:15 michellebrouse-1 : Dad's home, but both need to go to bed - getting a snack right now with dad - so I'm cool, still would like to get up though
 07:15 michellebrouse-1 : :-)
 07:16 MyklK : A new matrix - - what is the matrix?
 07:16 Carosmile : OK guys & gals - there is some suggestion from the behind the scenes team that this may NOT be recorded. I do not know why if that is the case.
 07:16 SamThomas : move on
 07:16 mdinapolis : I don't like this one.  Move on
 07:16 MountainGirl : I will be sleeping again in about 21 days
 07:16 switchover : 5?
 07:16 switchover : possibly position 5?
 07:16 SamThomas : 6 might be a blog
 07:16 MyklK : Because it's Looooooooooooong?
 07:16 michellebrouse-1 : hahah - no doubt MountainGirl ;-)
 07:16 Ben_Ray : no respect
 07:17 MyklK : How much traffic would you need if the best you can do is #4?
 07:17 garydotgray : What is with no 7
 07:17 Carosmile : OK Ed's confirmed it's not recording
 07:17 WendyJRoan : I just sent a question to http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/ -- is that where we are still submitting questions?
 07:17 MountainGirl : @michelle - I even had to give my daughter her own computer for the 30DC, so she coudl stay busy!
 07:17 sparkymarky : why is my domain authority not appearing when i generate the results in marketing samurai?
 07:17 garydotgray : ty Caro
 07:17 dgoucher : @MyklK - a LOT
 07:17 Carosmile : @WendyJRoan - yes and there's a HUGE backlog in there
 07:17 WendyJRoan : Ok... thanks!
 07:17 scole : If you WordPress Direct theme does not have an RSS feed showing.. the url to your RSS feed is located at www.yoursite.com/?feed=rss2
 07:17 Stoltsen : GURU BOB but the first three on the graph are ads
 07:17 MyklK : @dgoucher - my point exactly.
 07:17 michellebrouse-1 : @Mountaingirl - mine are both too young for 30DC - maybe next year for branden - but they do like webkinz. 
 07:18 MyklK : @Stoltsen - they seem to be optimized ads.
 07:18 scole : http://www.twitter.com/ShannonCole - self love
 07:18 dgoucher : @Myklk - I guess they want to say something other than "move on"
 07:18 zgirlie : this keeps cutting out on me
 07:18 garydotgray : Why the dashes in no 7
 07:18 ekrubonline : Wow thanks! Thats so simple, but it's what i've been looking for for months now!
 07:18 harmonicbarbie : lol scole
 07:18 MizzCindy : Is 16 months too young for the 30DC?
 07:18 michellebrouse-1 : hahaha
 07:18 MountainGirl : @michelle...webkins...our dog ate the face off of ours
 07:18 Ben_Ray : Naaaa
 07:18 zgirlie : is it because so many people are in the tv channel now?
 07:18 MyklK : @dgoucher HA!
 07:18 michellebrouse-1 : awww... poor webkinz!
 07:18 dgoucher : @mizz - can they tell the difference between red ang
 07:18 NextDayCopy : ekrubonline  what's that
 07:18 scole : mmm... should I post a few hundred?  seems to work for spammers.  has to have some usefulness. lol
 07:18 dgoucher : d green?!
 07:18 hughfraser : Scole Thats so wrong - self love LOL
 07:18 scole : lol hugh.
 07:19 dgoucher : @mizz - can they tell the difference between red and green? Not too young then!
 07:19 Carosmile : @Stolsten - Rob said in response - good so then you can rank higher
 07:19 MizzCindy : @dgoucher LOL Not quite yet. Still working on talking right now.
 07:19 Ben_Ray : me nither
 07:19 sparkymarky : Why is domain age not being generated when I generate a report in marketing samurai?
 07:19 dgoucher : @mizz - get them to point - infant sign language is a great development aid
 07:19 Stoltsen : @Caro, so we should not look at the first 3 then, correct?
 07:19 MizzCindy : LOL
 07:19 Ben_Ray : whats that blurpy sound
 07:20 MizzCindy : She's got banging on the keyboard down to an art form.
 07:20 dgoucher : @ben - people messaging ed
 07:20 Ben_Ray : ohhh
 07:20 Carosmile : @Stoltsen - sorry can't give one on one - Rob's responded to your matrix, we need to spread the love and help others :-)
 07:20 nightbear : Yeah I hear it too
 07:20 MyklK : blurpy = 80's "Pop-up Video" on MTV!
 07:20 Ben_Ray : sounds like hes drowning in messages
 07:20 switchover : ahhahahaha
 07:20 MountainGirl : @ben...it's a ripper sound, isn't it?
 07:20 switchover : lol@myklk
 07:20 Shane_o : go the d=sle
 07:20 Ben_Ray : a real ripper
 07:20 DrNick101 : .
 07:20 andrewnez : the blurpy sound is Skype
 07:20 MountainGirl : :)
 07:20 MyklK : Ed's got all kinds of interesting trivia tidbits popping up on his screen! ;)
 07:20 PhillMason : Is Ed putting a record on?
 07:21 MizzCindy : Haha, Phill.
 07:21 mdinapolis : A little work to do on this on but do able
 07:21 MizzCindy : go, Laura!
 07:21 PhillMason : :)
 07:21 MyklK : She's #1!!! Yeah!
 07:21 rowlingfan2012 : fix description meta tag?
 07:21 keavyo : well done laura
 07:21 Stoltsen : @Caro, mine is still coming up, hopefully
 07:21 Carosmile : Dmoz and Yahoo
 07:21 mdinapolis : Laura I'm jealous
 07:21 ekrubonline : Number one.. Lol. I wish I could have something close to that...
 07:21 ekrubonline : lol
 07:21 Stoltsen : :)
 07:21 SNAZ_7_0-1 : YEY Laura
 07:21 michellebrouse-1 : that's awesome!  great jobLaura!
 07:21 WendyMerritt : DMZ and YAH
 07:21 Carosmile : Gotcha  I thought yours was one that had been just before...
 07:21 greekgourmand : way to go Laura!
 07:21 MizzCindy : BLEG
 07:21 Carosmile : BLEG
 07:21 gbradley : ed & gov
 07:22 MyklK : BLEG?  hmm
 07:22 switchover : how would she do that?????????
 07:22 midnightrambler : what is bleg?
 07:22 MyklK : Is that ONLY edu / gov??
 07:22 andrewnez : Yahoo Directory?
 07:22 Jimmyjam : anyone here paying for yahoo yet? I was thinking about waiting till after 30dc
 07:22 drivedoctor : Wow... how do you receive a BLEG?
 07:22 ChrisGatbonton : how do you get BLEG?
 07:22 ddhamm : wow I never thought about getting EDU or .gov backlinks
 07:22 dgoucher : Back Links to EDU and Gov
 07:22 PhillMason : Back Links - Education/Government
 07:22 gbradley : back links
 07:22 freshair3 : How do you get a BLEG
 07:22 PhillMason : BLEG
 07:22 dbuttron : hey, that's my question
 07:22 mindykoch : Bleg.. sounds like what my son says when I try to feed him food he considers gross.
 07:22 midnightrambler : thanks Phill
 07:22 MyklK : Thanks Phill!
 07:22 keavyo : lol mindy
 07:22 CaliGuy-9422 : @chrisgatbonton: that was my question too!
 07:22 MizzCindy : LOL @MIndy
 07:22 scole : @Chris... getting an www.whatever.edu site to link back to you.
 07:22 ddhamm : you would have to get a site that has .edu on the end to link to you
 07:22 switchover : how would you get goverment or educational sites to link to you
 07:22 Ben_Ray : @hardsoftware
 07:22 ddhamm : doesn't sound easy lol
 07:23 ChrisGatbonton : sounds hard
 07:23 hughfraser : Congrats Laura
 07:23 ekrubonline : how do I get gov backlinks?
 07:23 WendyMerritt : make friends with a college student with a .edu blog
 07:23 Adrian_Reeve : edu forums maybe
 07:23 MyklK : (B)ack (L)inks - (E)ducation / (G)ov.
 07:23 freshair3 : D, We are all asking how to do the .edu and .gov?
 07:23 drivedoctor : So how do you get "on" an edu or gov website???
 07:23 seconds8 : what is a meta description?
 07:23 thisguydoug : lol@WendyMerritt good idea
 07:23 MyklK : Get a student ID!
 07:23 celenco : I think someone sugessted a .edu forum
 07:23 nrocy : seconds8: i'll be covering it on my blog tomorrow
 07:23 koreabsorb : where can we learn how to fix the meta description
 07:23 switchover : i suppose if the .gov or .edu had a forum or guestbook
 07:23 switchover : that might work
 07:23 MyklK : Sign up for a community college class ;)
 07:23 momnopp : I just got a snailmail offer from Yahoo for sponsored search with a 'money back guarantee' basically
 07:23 nrocy : how to do it in wordpress
 07:23 scole : @Chris.. it can be.  sometimes you can luck into someone who has a blog/forum on an edu site that's related to your market that you can post a comment and link back.
 07:23 nrocy : or manually
 07:23 ChrisGatbonton : day 29
 07:23 ekrubonline : I can't wait till day 29 now
 07:23 freshair3 : what;s your blog, nrocy
 07:24 ekrubonline : lol
 07:24 Carosmile : @WendyMerritt - parents can host a party for their kids - and entry is their .edu domain lol
 07:24 ChrisGatbonton : long time
 07:24 zgirlie : LOL
 07:24 nrocy : you can find it from my friendfeed
 07:24 scole : speak to a lawyer. :)
 07:24 switchover : lol
 07:24 Ben_Ray : watch them copyrights
 07:24 nrocy : my friendfeed url is same as my name here
 07:24 freshair3 : ty
 07:24 WendyMerritt : REALLY! I have a daughter going to college in 11 days!
 07:24 nine-yards : you can't copy write a recipe since it is a process and not a creative piece of work
 07:24 nrocy : should be posting it in about 9 hours
 07:24 nrocy : 3:30am here ;)
 07:24 midnightrambler : yes Laura Bush was accused of stealing someone's chocolate chip cookie recipe
 07:24 TigerUK : recipies are oversaturaed
 07:24 WendyMerritt : YIPEE for me!
 07:24 greekgourmand : ingredients are not copyrightable
 07:24 MyklK : Mrs. Obama got in trouble with that very issue.
 07:24 TigerUK : so many free sites offering free recipies
 07:25 Ben_Ray : yea
 07:25 NextDayCopy : hey works for Cindy McCain :)
 07:25 scole : and a viral link. :)
 07:25 Carosmile : @WendyM - maybe speed up the 11 days...just for the links lol
 07:25 greekgourmand : but the preparation is
 07:25 MyklK : Funny enough!
 07:25 WendyMerritt : LOL
 07:25 ekrubonline : I'm going to start writing for some other blogs then!
 07:25 ekrubonline : YAY for teh idea!
 07:25 MyklK : How many fingers is Ed holding up!
 07:25 Ben_Ray : guest tutor
 07:25 nine-yards : you just have to reword the steps in the recipes into your own words
 07:25 Carosmile : LOL
 07:25 netkickstart : you cannot copyright the INGREDIENTS, but the instructions are copyrightable
 07:25 Ben_Ray : caro
 07:25 Carosmile : ME
 07:25 michellebrouse-1 : recipe ingredients are not copyrighted, but the instructions that are included on how to create the right Greekgourmand
 07:25 scole : I knew it was caro!
 07:25 Carosmile : McCourtie!
 07:25 netkickstart : the description, etc..
 07:25 MyklK : HA!
 07:25 harmonicbarbie : yay Caro!!!
 07:25 switchover : caro!
 07:25 Ben_Ray : you
 07:25 greekgourmand : ingredients are not copyrightable, but the method of preparation is copyrightable
 07:25 dgoucher : go caro!
 07:25 MountainGirl : NextDayCopy - how many people think you do copy right law?  :)
 07:25 scole : as soon as he said "lovely and talented".
 07:25 midnightrambler : yeah Caro
 07:25 Carosmile : Not McCourtney Ed!
 07:25 mrozmanith : wooo hooo
 07:25 PhillMason : Whoo Hoo - Caro - Yeh!! :)
 07:25 SherylLoch : Almost never is a recipe copy writed you can go to the copywrite site they have a section about it.
 07:25 garydotgray : Yea Caro!!! boo...
 07:25 MyklK : Turn off the soft focus ;)
 07:25 netkickstart : @michelle, wow I think we were typing for each other
 07:25 SNAZ_7_0-1 : go Caro
 07:25 ChrisGatbonton : laura already has a PR of 2 :o
 07:25 ekrubonline : Caro! Yeah!
 07:25 michelletrent-1 : great to see Caro
 07:25 Carosmile : Yes...hopefully it wont be like watching paint dry for you....
 07:25 ChrisGatbonton : must be a veteran
 07:25 gtwosaints : Well, I guess its time to move on.
 07:26 MountainGirl : yay Caro!
 07:26 WendyMerritt : @Carosmile...I am on it!
 07:26 switchover : caro is hot :D
 07:26 garydotgray : lol Caro
 07:26 MyklK : Off page domination!  Caro, are you the off page dominatrix?
 07:26 andrewnez : watch Caro's fan club get bigger on the forum after today
 07:26 Carosmile : lol thanks switchover - it's the lighting! And the mask
 07:26 PhillMason : Wax - On Page - Wax Off Page!
 07:26 AmandaRisi : Thanks for great info Ed and Bob, and in the chat... I have to at least get 1 hour's rest before day begins... bye for now...thanks all
 07:26 CurtisM : nice Caro!
 07:26 nrocy : nite amanda
 07:26 MizzCindy : Yay, Caro
 07:26 garydotgray : Have a drink just before eh and then have another for me...lol
 07:26 scole : @Caro  you won't be bore us.. saw your video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjTgflirbc4
 07:26 AllCanWin : recipes are not copyright protected
 07:26 bluerock47 : This isnt still live is it?
 07:26 nrocy : yeah
 07:26 Madmapper : Night Amanda
 07:26 nrocy : still live
 07:27 keavyo : nite amanda
 07:27 Carosmile : @scole - master of links!!! :D
 07:27 StoneCS : start of what?
 07:27 PhillMason : @Scole - Second That @ Caro's vid is ace
 07:27 CurtisM : she has a video?
 07:27 greekgourmand : For recipes: The ingredients list is not copyrightable BUT the preparation instructions ARE copyrightable. SO I better not catch any of you copying and re-publishing my recipes!!!
 07:27 switchover : dar tar centre!
 07:27 MizzCindy : Yes, bluerock.
 07:27 PhillMason : Gave the video some Love
 07:27 harmonicbarbie : go Oz go!
 07:27 bluerock47 : was gone , trying to get Jing, but I quit
 07:27 MyklK : @Scole, that's in my YouTube favorites.
 07:27 MizzCindy : Hey hey hey!
 07:27 Ben_Ray : HAY
 07:27 SquirrelBait : Recipe copyright issues       http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl122.html
 07:27 reslynn : boooo!!!
 07:27 gr8bushman : Hey
 07:27 harmonicbarbie : lol
 07:27 jbrian50 : booooo
 07:27 PhillMason : Well DOne Oz!
 07:27 OscarSoto : hey hey
 07:27 MyklK : d, you get Gold - you beat everybody!
 07:27 garydotgray : shhhh
 07:27 OscarSoto : boooooooooooooo
 07:27 freshair3 : boo!
 07:27 gbradley : island living
 07:27 andrewnez : @switchover - that joke is getting old mate. ;-)
 07:27 SherylLoch : Recipes copyright laws http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl122.html
 07:27 scole : myklK.. cool. I forgot to fav it.. I had to find it. :)
 07:27 gr8bushman : USA
 07:27 Ben_Ray : Like a fish'
 07:28 drivedoctor : Phelps... Woop Woop Woop
 07:28 OscarSoto : yes he can
 07:28 reslynn : thats right mate!!! phelps is d man!
 07:28 harmonicbarbie : Phelps!
 07:28 zgirlie : yeah caro
 07:28 OscarSoto : !yay!! phelps he is like a dolphin
 07:28 MyklK : Determination!!!
 07:28 switchover : @nez - possibly, but it is still funny :-)
 07:28 zigg :  I say if you won well good on you !!
 07:28 WendyMerritt : that sucks!
 07:28 Carosmile : Perseverance and take action as taught
 07:28 garydotgray : no 6 interesting
 07:28 lwross-1 : taking action
 07:28 momnopp : &*(&(& if they (we) can't take a joke!
 07:28 MyklK : Just Do It!
 07:28 nightbear : We are all just one big happy family, don't you know.
 07:28 gtwosaints : Man, now I gotta restart. I may be able to continue with my niche since it doesn't directly relate to recipes, but viewers may want recipes for examples and I have none of my own.
 07:28 Ben_Ray : on the chin
 07:28 mdinapolis : The secret is FOCUS!!!
 07:28 AmandaRisi : night night see you next time, doing it!
 07:28 WendyMerritt : determination!
 07:28 mrozmanith : <--on the chin
 07:29 mrozmanith : lol
 07:29 KentOnline : by the way.. Gold=beat everyone else (including USA)
 07:29 MyklK : Failure is an action - not a state of being!
 07:29 harmonicbarbie : good one, Rob!
 07:29 koreabsorb : well said
 07:29 deepcreed : in dogfighting it's called scratch
 07:29 michellebrouse-1 : failure = practice
 07:29 dgoucher : well said bob
 07:29 Carosmile : Well said Rob!!!!! Hurrah!
 07:29 SamThomas : "If at first you don't succeed, then try try again"
 07:29 ohnofreakout : amen
 07:29 midnightrambler : like that quote
 07:29 SNAZ_7_0-1 : guru
 07:29 AmandaRisi : exactly bob
 07:29 NextDayCopy : good nlp-style comment :)
 07:29 nikkig1 : well said... I have tried many things... I want give up
 07:29 garydotgray : say what??
 07:29 momnopp : fall down 7 times; get back up 8
 07:29 Surfan : repeat it here
 07:29 jazili : Determination....
 07:29 WendyMerritt : right on GuruBob
 07:29 MountainGirl : <--takes it on the chin all the time, I'm still here and kicking
 07:29 AmandaRisi : must go now... g'night
 07:29 gtwosaints : That better have been recorded!
 07:29 midnightrambler : momnopp: yes love that quote
 07:29 switchover : night amanda
 07:29 mrozmanith : lol @mountaingirl
 07:30 NextDayCopy : here's another way of saying it: "There is no such thing as failure -- only feedback" -- John Grinder
 07:30 keavyo : is that just from you kids mountaingirl?
 07:30 scole : Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. -Napoleon Hill
 07:30 MyklK : gtwo - no recording.
 07:30 ekrubonline : Willpower strong mind, nuff ability. That's why they can't stop a youth like me
 07:30 KentOnline : The only failure that matters is the last one...
 07:30 koreabsorb : this will b recorded for later listening correct?
 07:30 MountainGirl : failure is not an option
 07:30 keavyo : nice one shannon
 07:30 andrewnez : no such word as fail in my vocab
 07:30 michellebrouse-1 : don't think so koreabsorb
 07:30 midnightrambler : scole you are great tonight
 07:30 NextDayCopy : you go nez
 07:30 mindykoch : Thanks friends.. nice seeing everyone... got to go!!
 07:30 ekrubonline : @andrewnez but you just used to word
 07:30 MountainGirl : night mindy!
 07:30 CurtisM : lol Princess Caro:)
 07:30 andrewnez : bye mindy
 07:30 Carosmile : see ya Mindy!
 07:30 WendyMerritt : good night Mindy
 07:30 NextDayCopy : cya mindykoch
 07:30 michellebrouse-1 : night Mindy!
 07:30 hughfraser : Bye mindy
 07:30 SNAZ_7_0-1 : 30DC crew is AWESOME
 07:30 keavyo : nite mindy
 07:30 mindykoch : Love you all bunches and look forward to reading your successes and questions in the forum!
 07:31 PhillMason : See Ya Mindy
 07:31 garydotgray : night Mindy
 07:31 scole : @ekru.. he has someone else type it..
 07:31 harmonicbarbie : bye Mindy!
 07:31 midnightrambler : goodnight Mindy
 07:31 scole : has = had
 07:31 michelletrent-1 : bye mindy
 07:31 ekrubonline : @scole lol
 07:31 bluerock47 : jing looked good, but said I needed to download MicroNet3.0
 07:31 MyklK : Old school teaching!
 07:31 SamThomas : AWESOME show tonight ED and ROB!!!
 07:31 OscarSoto : Did you go over my question?????????????????
 07:31 bluerock47 : so I backed off
 07:31 roundup : You can't become successful, you can only BE successful.
 07:31 andrewnez : my dog type the word for me. :-)
 07:31 Carosmile : @CurtisM - well all women deserve to be treated like a Princess and it starts by being kind and respectful to yourself :-)
 07:31 OscarSoto : I asked it in forums and didn't get no answer
 07:31 CurtisM : bye Mindy
 07:31 ekrubonline : ur dog... right.. lol
 07:31 ddhamm : bluerock did it say Microsoft .Net framework?
 07:31 zgirlie : thank you ed
 07:31 MyklK : Weee!
 07:31 zgirlie : thank you gurubob
 07:31 MizzCindy : bye Mindy
 07:31 switchover : weeeeeeeeee
 07:31 MyklK : A reward!
 07:31 bluerock47 : yes dd
 07:31 andrewnez : he's a talented dog
 07:32 WendyJRoan : Still here... haven't answered mne
 07:32 CrazyFretz : success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill
 07:32 MyklK : Re-submit.
 07:32 neworleans1209 : is "gtwosaints" from NEW ORLEANS...?
 07:32 Carosmile : Stoltsen : GURU BOB but the first three on the graph are ads
 07:32 vmone : questions link please
 07:32 hughfraser : thank you ed and bob, you are both brilliant
 07:32 PhillMason : Hardcore UK'ers - Whoo Hoo 3.30 am!
 07:32 CurtisM : yes that is true  Caro
 07:32 Carosmile : Oops - wring post :-(
 07:32 Surfan : fretz-thnx
 07:32 MountainGirl : <---still enthusiastic after almost 3 years
 07:32 planningqueen : Does that include matrix?
 07:32 Stoltsen : what q link again?
 07:32 Carosmile : Please post questions here: http://thirtydaychallenge.tv/qa/ this time!
 07:32 ddhamm : ok you can get that by going to windows updates (from your start button)
 07:32 gtwosaints : I'm in NJ.
 07:32 KentOnline : why not use both?
 07:32 MyklK : @GuruBob - is your live tha same as ours in the U.S.?
 07:32 PhillMason : Put that piece of vinyl on Ed :)
 07:32 zgirlie : thank you ed and gurubob -
 07:32 Ben_Ray : starting to what
 07:32 dgoucher : TILT!
 07:33 PhillMason : Get a PC Ed!
 07:33 MizzCindy : locking up and freezing over an dover
 07:33 thisguydoug : silent h
 07:33 keavyo : oops... computer needs a toiley break
 07:33 bluerock47 : thats not service pack 3 is it?
 07:33 lurkergal : i don't hear the bloop when i submit my question
 07:33 winnirs : Multiple blogs geared to relevant keywords, is that the strategy?
 07:33 freshair3 : not a MAC!
 07:33 SNAZ_7_0-1 : @Phill LOL
 07:33 dgoucher : @Phill - wash your mouth out
 07:33 ddhamm : I am not sure Blue
 07:33 MyklK : @MizzCindy - did you get your matrix analyzed?
 07:33 ddhamm : I have SP3 on one computer but not on the other
 07:33 PhillMason : Hey SNAZ :)
 07:33 CurtisM : my computer is slowing down
 07:33 hughfraser : @Phill, still hanging in there LOL just about
 07:33 Ben_Ray : peanuts?
 07:33 zgirlie : what does that mean, ?  targeting by peanuts
 07:33 LittleNetworks : what are peanuts?
 07:33 vpeters : who is peanuts?
 07:33 MyklK : Those evil peanuts!
 07:33 Carosmile : @Phill....stop swearing! ;-)
 07:33 sconsult : peanuts = wingnuts
 07:33 WendyMerritt : good for you!
 07:33 MizzCindy : @MyklK - no
 07:33 scole : Mine was nothing.. today it's #4. yay
 07:33 neworleans1209 : gtwosaints...are you FROM NEW ORLEANS...does your name refer to THE SAINTS...
 07:33 PhillMason : Soory Caro :)
 07:33 zgirlie : yikes
 07:33 zgirlie : why would they do that?
 07:34 PhillMason : Just about Hugh
 07:34 Surfan : wow
 07:34 Ben_Ray : thats a crime
 07:34 momnopp : what's peanuts
 07:34 nikkig1 : that is bad
 07:34 mrozmanith : roast those peanuts
 07:34 ekrubonline : u have enemies?
 07:34 WendyMerritt : idiots
 07:34 zgirlie : why would someone do that ?
 07:34 Rockbuddy : :O
 07:34 garydotgray : Peanuts is very small peoples
 07:34 MyklK : @MizzCindy - re-submit!  That's your reward for hanging around here.
 07:34 MizzCindy : Just could not get it submitted. I tried several different methods.
 07:34 Rockbuddy : Carosmile :O
 07:34 Rockbuddy : :D
 07:34 Artsy007 : Yup its happened to me...where my site was linked to X rated sites
 07:34 LittleNetworks : audio gone?
 07:34 MizzCindy : I also posted in the forum with no responses.
 07:34 planningqueen : how do you monitor back links?
 07:34 MyklK : How do you stop a backlink?
 07:34 Adrian_Reeve : how do u know who is linking to you>?
 07:34 dgoucher : @mizz - pm me - i'll help if I can
 07:34 Carosmile : @Phill - PC is a dirty word in the Dale household lol
 07:34 Ben_Ray : so what do you do in a case like that?
 07:34 WendyMerritt : @zgirlie some people don't have anything better to do..mindless fools
 07:34 seconds8 : how can you stop this type of linking
 07:34 andrewnez : moderate your comments too
 07:34 gtwosaints : @neworleans1209 No. "twosaints" stands for my last name "Dos Santos" and it roughly translates into "twosaints"
 07:34 SamThomas : Is there a way for us to prevent people from doing this to our Blogs??
 07:35 MizzCindy : I'm starting to think I have BO or something. ;-)
 07:35 hughfraser : @Caro LOL
 07:35 Rockbuddy : hey everyone ^_^
 07:35 PhillMason : @Caro - I know, love to jest :)
 07:35 Madmapper : Also create a Google Alert for your own name and get alerts when anyone mentions your name on the web
 07:35 Artsy007 : Security on your site plus a good hosting company
 07:35 harmonicbarbie : lol MizzC
 07:35 SNAZ_7_0-1 : C00L
 07:35 winnirs : Google Alert, perfect solution!
 07:35 MyklK : MizzCindy - perservere.
 07:35 neworleans1209 : @gtwosaints...Thanks for the explanation...!!!
 07:35 apoermandya : @GuruBob, how are you going to do with the bad backlinks you just discused ?
 07:35 Carosmile : Refresh Rob!
 07:35 garydotgray : no 2 is interesting
 07:35 KDarden : Google alerts are great - use them all the time & find out about when people are posting my stuff, too
 07:35 Ben_Ray : opps
 07:36 gtwosaints : Your welcome.
 07:36 switchover : number 1
 07:36 freshair3 : this one looks like gold
 07:36 Ben_Ray : lose it
 07:36 MizzCindy : Thanks @MylkK
 07:36 PhillMason : @cARO - SOUNDS LIKE A BRAND OF WIPES - "rEFRESH rOB" :)
 07:36 WendyMerritt : who was it?
 07:36 dmdoc : That looks like a tough niche!
 07:36 Rockbuddy : whats the link for this stream? anyone?
 07:36 jbrian50 : how do you check your back links
 07:36 WendyMerritt : did he say a name?
 07:36 freshair3 : can't see it now
 07:36 PhillMason : Ooppp Caps on Soz!
 07:36 harmonicbarbie : naughty Phill ;-)
 07:36 nrocy : yahoo is the best bet jbrian50
 07:36 MyklK : They don't say their names, Wendy.
 07:36 Rockbuddy : nvm got it
 07:36 PhillMason : @ Barb :)
 07:37 Ben_Ray : having a whac
 07:37 LittleNetworks : Aussie talk!
 07:37 WendyMerritt : yes, they usually say the first name
 07:37 SNAZ_7_0-1 : LOL
 07:37 koreabsorb : pipes
 07:37 MizzCindy : International insults - great niche
 07:37 harmonicbarbie : "complete nongs that enjoy having a wack" - add that to the Ed Dale dictionary - lol
 07:37 ChrisGatbonton : i dont understand australian lingo =/
 07:37 jbrian50 : nrocy but how do you do it
 07:37 scole : Urban Dictionary is a great Ed Dale translator.. www.urbandictionary.com
 07:37 WendyJRoan : I just sent my question in again.  It was hard to remember how to word it again.  I hope you all have my 1st one... it was better (easier to understand).
 07:37 Carosmile : @Phill - alliteration! Refresh Rob -the possibilities are endless lol
 07:37 freshair3 : d, would you please move it over?
 07:37 jazili : is this show onrecord....
 07:37 Webmaestro : d do you mean they're a right set of Merchants?
 07:37 Rockbuddy : they have cool accents!!!
 07:37 nrocy : jbrian50: sec getting you the syntax
 07:37 hughfraser : Flip the site
 07:37 mrozmanith : 0% of every joomla site Ive ever done got hacked
 07:37 Rockbuddy : awesome
 07:37 PhillMason : @ Caro LOL :) I like it
 07:37 mrozmanith : 0%
 07:37 seconds8 : can't see the matrix completey
 07:38 gr8bushman : Joomla all the way
 07:38 ekrubonline : whose joomla site got hacked?
 07:38 nrocy : jbrian50: on yahoo search try
 07:38 mrozmanith : 80%
 07:38 NextDayCopy : me either, gr8bushman
 07:38 nrocy : link:mydomain.com
 07:38 jbrian50 : ty
 07:38 momnopp : joomla - bleh very convoluted :--(
 07:38 nrocy : np
 07:38 dgoucher : @mizzcindy - can't see your posts on the forum - was gonna post the pics for you
 07:38 michellebrouse-1 : gosh I got to go - thanks so much Ed and Bob!  Kids need to go to bed! :-)
 07:38 mrozmanith : <--hacked
 07:38 harmonicbarbie : jazili - apparently this is not being recorded
 07:38 NextDayCopy : and if that doesn't work ?
 07:38 MyklK : "Please, don't link to me you peanut!"
 07:38 switchover : that's eds fault
 07:38 switchover : lol
 07:38 keavyo : lol
 07:38 MountainGirl : night michelle, my poor child has been abandoned tonight
 07:38 switchover : number 1 looks ok
 07:38 NextDayCopy : michellebrouse-1 -- contact me, need to talk to you urgently :)
 07:38 WendyJRoan : Oh... whoever asked me if I knew anything about Jumla today... answer is no.  Never got into it.
 07:38 hughfraser : Night Michelle
 07:38 mrozmanith : nite MG
 07:38 dgoucher : @myklk - that should do it ;)
 07:38 GraniteBuys : do you use your other top keywords to create wordpressdirect blogs too?
 07:38 andrewnez : :-)
 07:39 Ben_Ray : me too
 07:39 michellebrouse-1 : ;-)  See everyone later - same bat channel nite!
 07:39 keavyo : nite michelle
 07:39 ekrubonline : is firefox anydifferent to Flock really?
 07:39 mrozmanith : Magooooo
 07:39 Ben_Ray : Mr Magoo
 07:39 Carosmile : Yes - oh interesting, I'll start it in Safari in future. As FF and Flock often spit the dummy
 07:39 MyklK : Mr. McGoo is nearsighted.
 07:39 nrocy : safari is far better for it caro
 07:39 MizzCindy : Thanks, dgoucher - the post is way down to page 3 or so now. I tried bumping it but still no luck.
 07:39 e521 : yes indeed
 07:39 SNAZ_7_0-1 : hmmm
 07:39 dgoucher : @ekrub yes it is
 07:39 MyklK : @Caro don't you mean split the peanut?
 07:39 MyklK : turgid - nice word!
 07:40 freshair3 : d please move screen over
 07:40 ekrubonline : my woopra recognises visitors using Flock as Firefox 2
 07:40 garydotgray : Tergit?
 07:40 NextDayCopy : WHAT ?!?!?!  amazing
 07:40 ekrubonline : weird huh?
 07:40 freshair3 : LOL
 07:40 e521 : Flash and Gecko browers is such a bad  duo
 07:40 CurtisM : night all thanks Ed and Bob!
 07:40 lurkergal : are you getting my q's at all? i've submitted several times but don't get reaction
 07:40 nrocy : ekrub: i've been waiting 4 weeks for woopra to approve a domain
 07:40 scole : Google Insights http://www.google.com/insights/search/
 07:40 harmonicbarbie : night Curtis!
 07:40 keavyo : nite curtis
 07:40 MyklK : g'night CurtisM
 07:40 MizzCindy : keep freezing up - ever after clearing cache ACK!
 07:40 SamThomas : the work around if your video shows down and the screen starts to lock up, reload the page, BUT be sure and do it by clicking on "View" and then "Reload" and that seems to work for me in FireFox 3.0
 07:40 PhillMason : See ya Curtis
 07:40 garydotgray : nite Curtis
 07:40 ekrubonline : @nrocy when u get approved, you'll cry tears of joy!
 07:40 cashberserker : anyone here from NJ
 07:40 MountainGirl : night Curtis!
 07:41 nrocy : yeah it looks awesome :)
 07:41 scole : To access your wordpress admin: www.whatever.com/wp-admin
 07:41 nrocy : realtime analytics are unheard of
 07:41 gtwosaints : I'm in NJ.
 07:41 andrewnez : If your chat or video slows down, clear your cache
 07:41 cashberserker : where in NJ?
 07:41 gtwosaints : Union county.
 07:41 spiritcoach : I'm outta here folks!  I'm praying this will sink in and make sense b4 30days r up! : )
 07:41 ekrubonline : I missed that
 07:41 ekrubonline : what'd he say?
 07:41 ddhamm : hittail does almost realtime analytics
 07:41 Ben_Ray : me too
 07:41 freshair3 : turgid = bloated
 07:41 MountainGirl : night spirit, keep at it
 07:41 MizzCindy : Thanks, SamThomas - just tried it. Seem s better already!
 07:41 cashberserker : cool I am in middlesex
 07:41 spiritcoach : @mountaingirl -- thanks 4 the encouragement! : )
 07:41 MountainGirl : yw
 07:42 garydotgray : ty Fresh
 07:42 MizzCindy : Night spirit!
 07:42 scole : @spiritcoach.. just keep going.. it's your challenge.. prove it to yourself you can succeed.
 07:42 Rockbuddy : hi Carosmile you remember me? :D
 07:42 MountainGirl : if I can do it, anyone can!
 07:42 MyklK : Fine wines! hmmm.
 07:42 spiritcoach : @scole -- thanks
 07:42 garydotgray : nite Spirit
 07:42 MizzCindy : @spiritcoach - You;ll get this! Hang in there.
 07:42 harmonicbarbie : night spiritcoach
 07:42 switchover : 3.42am :D
 07:42 spiritcoach : @gary@miz cindy - thanks1
 07:42 midnightrambler : night spiritcoach
 07:42 MyklK : We are under the 400 mark.
 07:42 MizzCindy : hide links
 07:42 Ben_Ray : more like the 90 day challange
 07:42 MyklK : hide links, HA!
 07:42 MizzCindy : so much fantastic infor here!
 07:42 spiritcoach : #midnight -- Susan night 2 u too
 07:42 jtmosher : i just got  a 6 year old domain off godaddy =P
 07:43 SNAZ_7_0-1 : cough button?
 07:43 cashberserker : gtwosaints are you on  a team
 07:43 carpediem10 : Ben Ray- heard that!
 07:43 midnightrambler : thanks
 07:43 winnirs : Are there 'shell' domains available to purchase with DA established?
 07:43 MountainGirl : I wish it was at least a 40 day challenge
 07:43 Carosmile : HI Rockbuddy - I absolutely do!!
 07:43 gr8bushman : are there any other sites other than socialmarker.com
 07:43 thisguydoug : most legal...lol
 07:43 MizzCindy : @jtmosher - does it have a good 'history'?
 07:43 OscarSoto : d did you get my question?????????????????????????????????????????????????
 07:43 jtmosher : socislposter.com
 07:43 gtwosaints : @cashberserker Kinda. Yeah.

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