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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vernor Vinge's novel A Deepness in the Sky - UNIX epoch

I had forgotten that, "Vernor Vinge's novel A Deepness in the Sky describes a space-faring trading civilization tens of thousands of years (hundreds of gigaseconds) in the future that apparently still uses the Unix epoch" (Wikipedia)


Friday, February 13, 2009

KeepVid.com "Keep It!" - bookmarklet to keep/save/download a video

Another bookmaklet...
Save video using this bookmarklet from KeepVid.com...

KeepVid.com "Keep It!" bookmarklet

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop neglecting reading multiple email accounts - Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses - Adding a custom 'From' address

Q: Do you have multiple email addresses? Do you ever neglect reading any of your email addresses?

A: If you answered yes to either question, you can benefit from using Gmail to combine* all of your email addresses to a single Gmail account *AND* be able to send "as" any of your email addresses.  After you've set up your email accounts within Gmail, you can then send as any of your email addresses, from the Compose window, use the "From" pop-up field to select the desired account**.

*Google (Gmail Help) explains how to do this with "Adding a custom 'From' address", for example, start by going to Settings–>Accounts - under "Send mail as," click " Add another email address you own"

Gmail - Add another email address you own - example

** for example:

Gmail - Send as or from any of your email addresses

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