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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ping.fm uses Get Satisfaction - Why re-invent the wheel?

Nice use of Get Satisfaction as feedback for Ping.fm!!!

In other words, the actual feedback for Ping.fm is outside of Ping.fm, taking advantage of a service that specializes in feedback: Get Satisfaction

And not only feedback, but also "Customer service & support" of Ping.fm, and a forum for Ping.fm. In other words, a Ping.fm community!

Other company's use Get Satisfaction, and Ping.fm is probably not the only company to take advantage of Get Satisfaction to this degree, but it is the only what I know of...

Does anyone know of any other company that uses Get Satisfaction exclusively for their product's community / feedback / support?

By the way, in addition, to using Get Satisfaction instead of re-inventing the support wheel, the Ping.fm blog uses a commenting service, called Disqus, that is an outside service too. More on this later.


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erich13 said...

Someone replied to my question and pointed out that Twitter uses Get Satisfaction - help.twitter.com