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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Working Offline: Flock Blog Post Editor & ScribeFire Blog Editor

I have found that a good way to work offline (e.g. working from a PC or Mac, in a browser) is to use Flock's Blog Post Editor and ScribeFire's Editor.

Both Editors allow for posts to be saved. These saved posts are saved within the browser's profile directory/folder.

These saved posts can be posted later, or (and this is important) you not post them, but instead, send them as an email, create a document, etc. In other words, you can use these Editors to author ideas, whether or not you blog/post them, or do something else with them.

So, whenever I have a thought that I want to write about, I can do so, even when the internet is not available.

[begin update]
  • Flock saves "unpublished" blog posts in ~Profiles\blogdrafts.sqlite
  • ScribeFire Blog Editor saves posts (a.k.a "notes") in ~Profiles\extensions\performancing-notes.xml
[end update]

Does anyone have other methods of working offline?


The following keyboard shortcuts are available for ScribeFire:

  • F8: Toggle the ScribeFire window open and closed.

Used in the rich text editor (combined with Ctrl or Command)

  • Bold: "B"
  • Italic: "I"
  • Underline: "U"
  • Link: "M"
  • Undo: "Z"
  • Redo: "Y"
  • Cut: "X"
  • Copy: "C"
  • Paste: "V"
  • Delete: "D"
  • Select All: "A"