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Monday, June 2, 2008

By examples, here are why you might consider creating a twitter account...

You can quickly send a direct message to twitter users regardless if they are currently online or not, and they'll be sure to get the message. This is the same, but quicker and shorter than, sending an email.

With a twitter account, and the TwitterFox add-on added to your browser, you can click on TwitterFox, type "d erich13 <messsage>" and the "<message>" will be sent to the erich13 twitter user. The limit is 140 characters, but it's quick and easier than sending an email. Also, you can sign up to follow gcal and then be able to update Google Calendar from TwitterFox with "d gcal <go to xyz tomorrow at 6 PM>".

Does anyone else have examples of using Twitter?

Eric "erich" Herberholz
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erich said...

Remember the Milk (RTM) - send direct messages from cell phone, browser or instant message to your todo list via twitter user called "rtm"


jitendra said...

Hey Erich,

Jitendra from SezWho here...I wanted to welcome you to the community and reach out about what your experience has been with SezWho...Please let me know if you have any feedback/input etc. for us. Thanks and hope you like our service.


erich13 said...


Not sure if you'll be reading for my response here, or if I should somehow try to contact you by other means.

I am excited to see a means of aggregating comments across the web, based on people leaving comments.

I can't tell yet if I can use SezWho on sites besides blogs. I'll be check it out and see if I can use it, say on my page on GooglePages.com.