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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Virtual Reality Goggles get an upgrade, to Contact Lenses...

We have seen Virtual Reality Goggles in fiction, and now in reality, they exist, but in "Rainbow's End", they have evolved to contact lenses. Two movies come to mind, where virtual reality goggles were depicted:

  • Demolition Man (IMDB, Wikipedia) - (1993) "Physical contact was recognized as causing the spread of disease and is now seen as unusual. "Sex" is no longer a physical act for the same reasons, and even kissing is not condoned. Instead, "Vir-Sex" is performed by using sex simulators worn on the participants' heads to replace physical intercourse."
  • Brainstorm (IMDB, Wikipedia)- (1983) "The story involves a team of scientists which includes estranged husband-and-wife, Michael and Karen Brace (played by Walken and Wood) and Michael's research colleague, Lillian Reynolds (played by Louise Fletcher) who co-invent a special recorder and player device which allows sensations and higher brain functions to be scanned directly from the brain, taped and reproduced, allowing another person to experience them."