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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The ability to do Searches using the Epiphany Suit

One key component of the Epiphany suit is the ability to do research (or searches) rapidly.

'Lazy bums, thought Robert, and wondered at Sharif's earlier enthusiasm for "real books". But he had noticed the trend even in his own teaching days. It wasn't just the students who refused to get their hands dirty. Even so-called researchers ignored the universe of things that weren't online.'

'"What? Oh. I'm getting to that! Anyway, after our protest tactics fizzled, I began to do some research." Tommie patted his laptop. "Newsgroups, chat, search engines -- I used them all, along with crazy stuff that looks more like online betting than anything else. Maybe the hardest part was to do it all without alerting the Feds. That slowed me up, but eventually I got a pretty good picture of the labs' security. It's what you'd expect of a critical national security site. Serious stuff, but clunky. The system is password and user-intrinsic oriented, and mostly automatic. The intrinsic is a standard biometric -- from certain officers in the U.S. protective services. And guess who happens to be nearby and on the access list?"'