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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Broadband outage - 2Wire 3800HGV-B Gateway router

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Recently we had a Broadband outage at home. It lasted for more than 24 hours. The cause, as it turns out, was that the 30 second electrical outage, due to the replacement of the power meter by PG&E, broke something within the 2Wire router (for our AT&T U-verse), model 3800HGV-B Gateway . Over the phone, the tech support agent had asked me to power cycle the router, and then to 'reset' the router. These did not resolve the issue, so someone was dispatched.

After reviewing all of the connections, over the course of more than 3 hours, the onsite technician reset the router. This time, that the router was reset, the reset button was held down for 30 seconds, as opposed to the 15 seconds which was recommended by the tech support agent.

Hopefully, the onsite representative will tell his teammates *and* the tech support center, that 30 seconds works better than 15 seconds. But, he may not tell, as he may be embarrassed that he had not tried that at the beginning of his visit, before spending the 3+ hours troubleshooting it as a connectivity issue.

Eric Herberholz

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